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Comic profile: Afterdead
You're born, you die, you go out for ice cream.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 332
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Rating: 5 (207 votes)

Comic description

The Desert Peach is the Desert Fox's gay brother. This is his afterlife. If you like Donna Barr's weird sense of humor and view of the world - and uniforms and some really hot boots, centaurs, harpies, insight into the military life, and the idea that you can eat all the avocados in the afterlife without gaining weight - this is for you. Donna's style and stories are her own. She's truly an original.


Donna Barr
Donna Barr
Donna Barr is the creator of the original drawn books series "The Desrt Peach," "Stinz," and "Bosom Enemies," among others, including "Afterdead," where she rolls all of her characters into one wild series. It originally ran on Webcomicsnation, set up by our hero, Joey Manley (who recently passed and we remember with fondness and admiration).

Most recent comments left on Afterdead

Donna Barr
13th Dec 2016
Donna Barr
And now I've fixed it! Thank you!
Left on Company, Page 14
Donna Barr
11th Dec 2016
Donna Barr
Thank you! Coming from somebody who knows her mythological creatures, that's quite a compliment!
Left on Choosie, Page 3
Diana (Guest)
3rd Dec 2016
These creatures are gorgeous!
Left on Choosie, Page 3
Donna Barr
27th Nov 2016
Donna Barr
I know. I've decided this is the official typos page for the new collection, available on Amazon. Or maybe it's the Reichisch spelling. :D
Left on Company, Page 14
Charles Montpetit (Guest)
21st Nov 2016
Avocadoes, not avacadoes. Hate to nitpick, but your spelling is usually flawless and you might want to print this version one day.
Left on Company, Page 14