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Cat Hero's epic Catventures as an Hero
A webcomic experiment
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 911
Number of subscribers: 20
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Rating: 4.17 (72 votes)

Comic description

Cat Hero's epic Catventures as an Hero, starring Cat Hero as Cat Hero, by Cat Hero; is a graphical representation of the (mis)adventures of a cat-person named Cat Hero, whose arch-nemesis is CatoreH, a life-sized cardboard cutout of a (very) badly drawn cat-person. Half a quick comic, half an experiment to see if single-panel gag-a-day style can actually convey a story, and be good doing it.


I really should get back to this whole drawing thing. Like, seriously.

Most recent comments left on Cat Hero's epic Catventures as an Hero

17th Apr 2014
Not even she believes that she's done that.
Left on Not believing
darr (Guest)
16th Apr 2014
Na, don't go your separate ways yet. You guys should cuddle and sleep together for tonight at least. It's a bit therapeutic even for one night stands.
Left on Tired
14th Apr 2014
I guess they're done now.
Left on Another page with Cat Hero!
darr (Guest)
12th Apr 2014
There's rule 32 in here. And since ice is not dead, how about half-kill. Sounds nicer and accurate. Wander if fire should be tied upsidedown by her toes above a bonfire for the she kill.
Left on Good reason?
11th Apr 2014
I guess it'd be the "you're family" thing, but "you killing me backfired so horribly I can turn into a dragon" is a cooler thing to say.
Left on Good reason?