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The Chronicles of Lillian
Dead men do tell tales
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago
Number of comics: 159
Number of subscribers: 24
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Rating: 4.91 (141 votes)

Comic description

Lillian is an average 14-year old girl—not especially talented or pretty or noticed by anyone. It’s just another boring day until a rainstorm sends her into the house of Old Warren, a mysterious and kind elder. He offers to tell her stories of adventure every day, and Lillian accepts. But as the days continue and Lillian grows a bond with Old Warren, she will soon find that she’ll never have a boring day again.
(Updates every Sunday)


I’m a college girl obsessed with cartoons, especially Anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, and this comic is proof of that. I hope you like it. :)

Most recent comments left on The Chronicles of Lillian

29th Jun 2014
It's nice to have an explanation of how their magic works.
Left on Chapter 6 - Page 10
23rd Jun 2014
Great looking chapter cover. I really like the characters against that pattern.
Left on Chapter 6 - Page 1
Zachary (Guest)
10th Feb 2014
Intriguing question.
Left on Chapter 5 - Page 22
20th Dec 2013
I may as well give an explanation to anyone who's confused about the overall Chronicle structure-- as in, why is Zack's story so much longer than The Pumpkin's Wish?

In a nutshell, most of the Chronicles I have planned for the future are pretty long. Zack's story might be the longest, about 50-100 chapters. The Pumpkin's Wish is a simple, one-and-done adventure because I knew Chapter 1 had to be dedicated to Lillian, Old Warren, and the way they interact. If I'd thrown in a more complex story from the get-go, it would be more confusing, so I started with my simplest and shortest Chronicle.

I may make sequels for The Pumpkin's Wish, but right now, it's neither here nor there. The point is, Zack's going to be here for quite a while. Don't worry, he's worth it. :)
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 1
9th Dec 2013
"Hiatus Break"
Now that my finals are FINALLY over, it's back to our scheduled programming! Sorry for the long wait!
Left on Chapter 5 - Page 15