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Letters to Volrane, Et al.
A Dar Na Theria inspired Full-color comic that updates Tuesdays & Thursday, with random Omakes on random weekends!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago
Number of comics: 181
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Comic description

Letters To Volrane, Et al. Is a comic inspired by an every other Sunday D&D group that has been going on for more years than most of us care to admit. Created and maintained in large part to help improve and expand the author's ability to draw - while providing entertainment for the original troupe, we hope they're enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to wander in.
Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays ^_^


I write. I draw. I manage both with some measure of mediocrity.

Most recent comments left on Letters to Volrane, Et al.

17th Jan 2017
I was going to color in all the tiny people in the first panel, but looking at it I kind of liked the way it looked as is, so I just went ahead and left it. (Plus, well, it doesn't hurt to be a little "lazy" every now and then <3 )
Left on Humans and Orcs
12th Jan 2017
I'll tell you this, between the last two panels, no one is exactly right.
Left on City Lines
10th Jan 2017
I really wanted to draw more of Ancelyn than just her hand in this one, but after several attempts of it looking really terribly Not-Right, I went with this. =/ I'll get there some day, but for now my skill's still a bit limiting v.v

Translations from the last update:

Loranys: Fabulor.
Are you ever going to tell her?

Fabulor: I'm quite certain that I do NOT know what you're talking about.
Left on City Slicker
5th Jan 2017
Not that speaking Elven does them any good when they're trying not to be overheard by Key until she gets further away - but fortunately for them, she's pretty much in her own little world while she enjoys the big ride-able kitten that seems to enjoy frolicking through the trees as much as she does.
Left on Hope
3rd Jan 2017
Welcome back to the story! \o/ Yay 2017 - hit a few bumps in 2016, but we're off to a good start!

Got a lot of work in during the holidays on techniques and practice, so it should start to shine through in the comic proper. I still loathe doing backgrounds, but one Christmas miracle at a time, okay?
Left on The Key to Happiness