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Letters to Volrane, Et al.
A Dar Na Theria inspired Full-color comic that updates Tuesdays & Thursday, with random Omakes on random weekends!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago
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Comic description

Letters To Volrane, Et al. Is a comic inspired by an every other Sunday D&D group that has been going on for more years than most of us care to admit. Created and maintained in large part to help improve and expand the author's ability to draw - while providing entertainment for the original troupe, we hope they're enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to wander in.
Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays ^_^


I write. I draw. I manage both with some measure of mediocrity.

Most recent comments left on Letters to Volrane, Et al.

16th Feb 2017
Hey everyone! For the next few weeks - i.e. probably until the end of March - the comic's going to be down to one update a week.

There's a couple reasons for this, but top among them is that we're moving. And since I do everything digitally there's going to be at least one week, if not two, where I won't be able to draw. Not just because things won't be set up, but also because there's two bedrooms worth of boxes to fill, and guys - I have too much stuff.

So I've got to dedicate a lot of time to packing, organizing, tossing old crap, and then the actual move itself. I might even miss a week entirely, but I'm going to try not too. I'm still not even sure how I'm going to keep up with my Drawings a Day (I'm over 210 O_O ) but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Anywoot - I'll be back up to two times a week as soon as I can. Though shortly AFTER the move I'm in the rotation at my new job to work on weekends every three weeks @_@ So we'll see how all that goes. (Seriously, nothing ever slows down.)

Love you all - like, all 5 of you, you're awesome - thanks for putting up with this <3
Left on Paladin's Arrus
14th Feb 2017
I realize he was introduced two comic pages ago, but I couldn't resist the pun any longer.

Happy Not Monday all ^_^ Hug someone important to you and be especially nice to each other okay? We could all use it <3
Left on Paladin's Arrus
9th Feb 2017
No shading for now. I've been fighting being sick and it's been a struggle just to keep up with the update schedule, nevermind getting all the details in there too @_@
Left on Willing and... Maybe?
7th Feb 2017
I enjoy a good play on words <3
Left on Unde-Nio-bly.
2nd Feb 2017
Today is, personally speaking, a rough day for me, but! I got the comic up, even if I forgot to upload it last night ^_^

Happy Friday Eve all \o/
Left on Siege of Uncertainty