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Comic profile: Kaza's Mate, Gwenna
Kaza's Mate, Gwenna
Tales from the NAKED jungle!
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Content flags: Nudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 207
Number of subscribers: 86
Visitors: 132545 visitors (1091203 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.85 (288 votes)

Comic description

Gwendolyn Davis, once a bored socialite from the big city, found her life changed forever after meeting Kaza The Jungle Lord. Leaving behind trappings of civilization, she's found a life of adventure in the wild natural beauty of the wilderness as Kaza's Mate Gwenna.

"Best comicfury comic EVER!" -The5thFromElbow2Wrist


Been dabling in webcomics for quite a few years.

Comics I've done in the past:
Four More Years! My cheesy and short lived attempt at a political comic. I find it rather embarrassing now, but the idea of Naked Laura Bush in Outer Space still amuses me.

Sexy Losers(WARNING! NSFW) I contributed a lot of guest art under the name Jacob Marley Most of what I did is under Sexy Jam #3.

Most recent comments left on Kaza's Mate, Gwenna

Sam (Guest)
23rd Mar 2017
"And then I met this peculiar man with a blue phone box."
Left on The Secret Origin of Gwenna part 2
21st Mar 2017
And this is an expansion of a throwaway comment Gwenna made at the end of The Phantom Ape. I liked the idea of Gwenna having an interesting and varied life before she met Kaza, and having her fill in for various ingenue characters from other media just amused me.
Left on The Secret Origin of Gwenna part 2
18th Mar 2017
Whew! For a second, I feared that they'd been turned to GOLD!
Left on 28- Big Boom
18th Mar 2017
Mr. Burns, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Cobra Commander.
Boris Badenov?! Our Current President, or, as I call him, Lord Pumpkin... The severed head of Ayn Rand, apparently.
Bad Horse, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and... that guy.
Left on 09- Conference Call of Evil
18th Mar 2017
"Sure, it is, and a begora, too!"
Well, this is a charming tip of the green hat to the holiday! When I first read this I went looking for a yellow brick road and a cool old fifties car, and of course I did not find them. After a bit of thinking, I realized that this page is also a standalone story. This page must have been waiting in the wings for a while, because the characters are still blocking the view of their nipples with their elbows and so forth. Having said that, this is still a delightful and amusing sequence.
Left on Wonderella drops by the Jungle