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Comic profile: No Songs For The Dead
No Songs For The Dead
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago
Number of comics: 160
Number of subscribers: 152
Visitors: 93115 visitors (830063 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (382 votes)

Comic description

Neil Gaiman meets H.P. Lovecraft meets The Bold And The Beautiful!

Join Hector, our undead hero, as he attempts to make some sense out his recent death and resurrection. Magic, mystery and mayhem!

Updates Sat.


Hello im fu and I make drawing and also game

game here:

please enjoy my make of draw and of game

Most recent comments left on No Songs For The Dead

25th Mar 2017
hck yeah bout to spend some quality time with the family

witness the horror and mystery of the c a k e s o f p a n
Left on 5-9: pancakes
22nd Mar 2017
well here's that extra update, this should wrap up past stuff for now, and we can move on to present day things.
Left on 5-8: well
18th Mar 2017
Looks like this page went a little long, there's still one more page of flashback left.

I kinda wanna move on to "present time" next week though, so there miiight be an extra update on Wednesday, just to get the page out of the way and keep things moving.


Also, I've been recently enjoying Lucky Hazard a lot. It's got a charming plot and a really neat, lineless art style. But it only has like 20 subs, I think it's really underappreciated.

so if you like lineless art and cutesy adventures, check it out? I think it deserves more attention.
Left on 5-7: That's the plan
11th Mar 2017
One more page of flashbacks after this and theeeen we get to present day stuff.

Feels really nice to be making comics again. :>
Left on 5-6: Killer Is Me
2nd Mar 2017
Aw, thank you! I always try to put a little extra thought into pacing and rhythm, glad you like it
Left on 5-3: toys