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Comic profile: Pegwarmers
Like Robot Chicken on a shoestring budget.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 840
Number of subscribers: 23
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Rating: 4.94 (296 votes)

Comic description

Pegwarmers is basically a rip off of Twisted Kaiju Theater, but with superhero action figures. Occasionally, Transformers, Godzilla, and Star Trek characters will make an appearance, but it's predominantly superhero based. The main three characters are Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Batman.


Most recent comments left on Pegwarmers

27th Feb 2015
If you're wondering what they're arguing about, someone posted this dress on the internet and half of the people are swearing it's blue and black and the other half are swearing it's white and gold. Me? I first saw white and gold, then blue and gold, and now I see blue and black. It's weird lighting.

Although...after making this comic, I went back and looked at it again and it went back to being white and gold.
Left on 840. The Blue Dress
25th Feb 2015
Sorry for the late comment.

Yeah, that's a valid question, Spider-Man.

Okay, so...I'm pretty okay with the new Venom and seeing the symbiote homeworld and all of that. They weren't meant to be parasites, but actually symbiotic with their host. The new design looks okay, but I prefer the unhinged jaw look with the teeth and tongue.

And Agent Venom is badass, too. The new one? Okay...he looks more like a cartoony version of Agent Venom. Not bad, otherwise. And honestly, I'm okay with Venom changing his look ever once in a while. He looked completely different when Spider-Man was his host. Why not change when other people become his host? (Well...his host didn't change this time, but you know what I mean.)
Left on 839. Venom Reformed
23rd Feb 2015
I've never been an Aquaman fan, but I have to admit that he looks bad ass in the promo picture.
Left on 838. Water Hombre
20th Feb 2015
No, he's right, Spider-Man. Mark Ruffalo is going to be Bruce Banner in the next Avengers movie. Personally, I like Ruffalo, but I still miss Edward Norton.

Speaking of Avengers, I was not looking forward to Ant-Man...until I started reading the new comic series that came out. Good God, it's only two comics in and I'm already loving this guy. Scott Lang is like a deadbeat dad version of Peter Parker...except with fewer morals.

And I don't think Spider-Man would wear his costume to a job interview. Or put up a billboard with Iron Man's forged endorsement on it.
Left on 837. Cinematic Avenger
18th Feb 2015
Hmm...didn't want to do another Shockwave comic so soon after that mini arc, but I couldn't be arsed to write a new comic for today. I had my brain fried by Dragon City #1300 and this just seemed easier.
Left on 836. Logical