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Comic profile: Pegwarmers
Like Robot Chicken on a shoestring budget.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
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Number of comics: 750
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Comic description

Pegwarmers is basically a rip off of Twisted Kaiju Theater, but with superhero action figures. Occasionally, Transformers, Godzilla, and Star Trek characters will make an appearance, but it's predominantly superhero based. The main three characters are Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Batman.


Most recent comments left on Pegwarmers

1st Aug 2014
This was something I thought was cool. I had always wanted to see a live action Batman with the white lenses on his cowl. The closest we got was the cell phone HUD from The Dark Knight, which I thought looked cartoony and silly. These white lenses look pretty badass, though. Gives him sort of an Iron Bat look, but definitely looks very comic book-y, but realistic at the same time.

And yes, I do plan on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy today. Should also point out that when I get money, I will get a Rocket Raccoon figure. I've been dying to write a comic with him and Deadpool. Should be cray cray. (Sorry, I'll NEVER use that again.)
Left on 750. Ol' White Eyes
30th Jul 2014
I had the option of doing a Batman/Superman leaked footage comic or this and decided on this because there wasn't much to talk about.

And I went for a running gag, but I try to change up running gags. The gag is there, but the presentation is different. I do like running gags, though.
Left on 749. Leaked Footage
Andore Mordre
28th Jul 2014
Andore Mordre
I completely agree with you there, Micah.
Left on 748. Clown Car
28th Jul 2014
I can't believe I never made this joke before.
Left on 748. Clown Car
25th Jul 2014
So...I forgot about Batman Day (completely slipped my mind) until Man in Black reminded me of it. So...I would've made a comic for it, but I forgot.

Not a story arc, though. Batman has been a headliner for my Sinister Six story arcs as well as the one where he and Batgirl team up with Spider-Man. The reason The Doctor got one for the Doctor Who anniversary is that I hadn't done any Doctor Who story arcs and wanted to do one.

I will be doing a Godzilla anniversary comic pretty soon. His 60th is coming up. The 1954 movie came out on November 3, 1954.
Left on 747. Belated Batman Day