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Comic profile: Serpents of Old
Serpents of Old
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: One week ago
Number of comics: 220
Number of subscribers: 250
Visitors: 90741 visitors (454164 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (2543 votes)

Comic description

Beware Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest standing tall;
Within its borders all must dread
The clever beasts disguised as men.



Just a simple person who does simple things... in the hardest ways X)

My comic is my passion, I would like to be friends with everyone, and if you say my name 3 times in a dark bathroom you miiight just get to meet me in person >___>

I am also a huge dork if you couldn't tell XDD



Most recent comments left on Serpents of Old

21st Jan 2017
Bahaha I love that everyone on this page is like "Maybe Hizruk is just dumb." :')
Left on Chapter 5.32-- Let's Begin
20th Jan 2017
Daaaaan! Home boy just got schoooled! lol. XD

I really like the backgrounds on this page. Nice job! :D:D

Keymen is a smart guy. He will discover the truth eventually. ^_^
Left on Chapter 5.32-- Let's Begin
19th Jan 2017
Ah... the nth hour. My old friend.

I didn't even notice this page was bigger until you pointed it out, and even then I didn't really notice. XD I DO love that final panel though. I haven't really felt the scale of this place before now; it's HUGE. An ominous. And it makes sense that the Council would be in an unnecessarily huge place.

They're obviously compensating for something.

Oooooh, seeing the boys in civilian gear makes me happy~ I spy with my little eye Barron's bracelet! Whoo-hoooo! Nice clothing designs; I love seeing how everyone's got a different casual clothing preference, both in color and style. It's quite lovely.

And of course I'm still grinning like a fool over the black-and-silver color scheme Merek's got going on. For reasons. :D

Gosh, seeing as how I already expounded on quite a few plot details there's not much else to babble about except the art! Keymen's looking better and better each time you draw him; these last couple of pages have seen some absolutely marvelous faces out of him and I'm very happy to see those.

It's a dice toss on whether or not Hizruk will actually pay attention to those care instructions. I don't care to place a bet either way.

I DO love the panel where Hizruk's fleeing and Merek spots it. Thaaaat's pretty much that relationship in a nutshell right now. And I like the way Hizruk's been drawn in that panel in general. Drawing people all tiny like that is hard and you've got a good grasp on it.

The Council. Hoo boy. So this page basically shows us in six simple panels exactly what the Council is all about - let's place blame anywhere it can be placed (except ourselves, of course), suspect those that should be above suspicion, and blatantly IGNORE all the obvious reasons someone might have to act. The Council SUCKS.

Not that I believe Hizruk did this, but come. On. If I were them, Hizruk would be high on my list of suspects - they DID keep him locked up for ten years. And tortured him. And they think he's just going to be OKAY with this?

Ugh. The stupidity in this room is overwhelming.

Although I do like seeing Kalverick not get his way. It's good for him. Very character building. >:]

And to end on a happy note, the boys playing a board game. It made me smile like a fool; congratulations. :]
Left on Chapter 5.32-- Let's Begin
18th Jan 2017
I would havta agree with you! It's definitely something he's not used to hving X'D

Aah and thank you so much btw!!! that last panel HAD to be in here X"DDDI'm so glad it works! <3
Left on Chapter 5.32-- Let's Begin
18th Jan 2017
Hahaha! Yes that is..very important to note! XDD
Left on Chapter 5.32-- Let's Begin