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Sword Arts and Skill Points
What if Sword Art Online was a game of D&D?
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Comic description

A campaign comic about what Sword Art Online would be like if it were a roleplaying game. Inspired by a lot of comics like Darths and Droids, The Crystal GMs, and Jutsu and Jinchuuriki. Anyway, SAO, Roleplaying, webcomic, fun.


Most recent comments left on Sword Arts and Skill Points

22nd Feb 2017
The DM only needs to roll as so far as the rules demand such. As the DM is free to interpret or ignore rules to suit the game, HOPEFULLY within reason...technically no, she does not.

Totally not fair to do but theoretically a DM is free to do it however they wish.
Left on The death and times of Terry Chapman.
22nd Feb 2017
Ellie is really enjoying doing this after this session.
Left on The death and times of Terry Chapman.
22nd Feb 2017
Treasure Chest!!

I can never resist the call of a treasure chest. Even if I KNOW it's booby-trapped. Even if I know it's a mimic. Even if I know doing so is going to spell the end of everything...I just can't help myself. Not necessarily out of treasure-lust, more I'm just overly curious.
Left on Chests are the Bests.
22nd Feb 2017
The worst thing is when you have a table-favorite NPC and then everyone corrects you when they do something out of character and tells you how your own character should be acting.
Left on A new friend. And no new loot.
21st Feb 2017
Okay, I'm totally using that equation later.
Left on If loot > friends, combat skill is better than social skill.