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Comic profile: Those Days So Long Ago
Those Days So Long Ago
Ok, not so long ago. Just read it.
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago
Number of comics: 30
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Comic description

Rhys is at college, and there is this annoying dude annoying her. A lot. Can she get rid of him? Or will she fall for him?

(Re-doing pages. As there's not a whole bunch, it won't take that long, but it will take maybe a month, if I still update regularly. SO don't expect drastic changes overnight. Thanks.)


I am this random person. And this is my life in a nutshell.

Have a GIF heaven.

Some of my nicknames are Egg, which I hate, Sunny, Rhyssie (Pronounced Rhissy. Rhymes with Missy, because my name rhymes with miss), That-Awkward-Kid, and The Shadow Queen.

I'm on Patreon as SunnySideUpSmile. You can't find me in listings; some of the art I'll enter will have some NSFW.

I am on Wordpress, Wattpad, Quotev, Flightrising(No matter what my profile said, I'm a Wind., Tapastic, and Deviantart as SunnySideUpSmile.

Don't wake the sleeping beast. (Me.)


Most recent comments left on Those Days So Long Ago

11th Mar 2017
I hate drawing her fricking hair. Why did she have to dye it a hellhole colour?
Left on Q & A Dipcrap Stuff
11th Mar 2017
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Left on Chapter 2, Part 8
9th Mar 2017
I don't like to dance.
Left on Chapter 2, Part 8
1st Mar 2017
The walls color changed because the sun's position changed.
Left on Chapter 2, part 6
26th Feb 2017
Nyomi made this super cute picture! :D For this thread.
Left on Nyomi's picture!