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Tuddle Bruddle Briddle Bop
Good Enough, Maybe
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago
Number of comics: 45
Number of subscribers: 2
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Comic description

I think the title is already the perfect descriptor for this comic.


Most recent comments left on Tuddle Bruddle Briddle Bop

Mr. Benjy
20th Jan 2017
Mr. Benjy
I would watch a team-up between Trump and Triumph the comic dog. I mean, I'd watch it in the two seconds while I flip through channels.
Left on Doggy Gaol
Mr. Benjy
18th Jan 2017
Mr. Benjy
Talk about DRUM ways to die. You really can't BEAT that one. Her death was somewhat CYMBAL-ic of when things become the most g-RIM SHOT. At least her new body's ghost host is a HIT. And her new family, Hellebore's family, has more members in it PERCUSSION. Per cousin, perc, percus... yeah, it's enough.
Left on Hellebore
Mr. Benjy
16th Jan 2017
Mr. Benjy
Disney XD is a strange animal. There's about twelve series running and they're either utterly spellbinding or completely unwatchable. Sure, other channels have good and bad shows, but it's a spectrum of quality here.
Left on Disney XXXD
Mr. Benjy
12th Jan 2017
Mr. Benjy
This one is confusing if you're unfamiliar with The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and off-putting if you are familiar. Every line is a reference to something in the franchise, and good luck getting it all!

Panel Three has some tough references. "Miss the dolphins" refers to Book 4, when the dolphins all vanish. "Crazy truth," Book 3, when someone goes mad and spouts the truths of the universe. "Office blew up in my face," Book 2, when the Guide HQ was under attack. There are no Book 6 in-jokes because it is garbage.
Left on Mostless Harmly
Mr. Benjy
11th Jan 2017
Mr. Benjy
"Cob" - "Channel One Broadcasting."
Left on Cornelius on the Cob