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Comic profile: WYIHN!
It's tangy sand flavoured!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 12 days ago
Number of comics: 92
Number of subscribers: 37
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Rating: 4.94 (51 votes)

Comic description

A young Christian boy named Matthew runs into a delinquent on his way to school one day, after a bad first impression he runs into this boy once again, and contemplates pressing charges. But being a good boy Matthew believing that everyone should get a second chance, so instead he tries to make a deal, if the delinquent decides to participate in all his religious duties with him and converts to Christianity he won't call the cops on the poor soul. Of course people are more complicated than we sometimes assume, and things don't always go as planned, or so Matthew discovers.


Hi! I'm Bloomer, but I usually go by Bii0 (B-O) kuz I stink at doing things.
My number one priority in life is drawing... and finding a way to make money.
I like stuff.
I really like tomatoes.
I also really like music, and have 9,000+ songs stored on my computer.
Also I'm awkward and not very friendly, but if you wanna chat about something, feel free to. Unfriendly =/= being totally rude and disrespectful.

I also has Tumblr. (Contains stuff that's cooler than anything I can achieve.)
I now have an art tumblr!(NSFW) ART TUMBLR
As well as a rarely undated Deviantart account: MAI DA

Most recent comments left on WYIHN!

18th Sep 2014
Has he eaten anything other than the cracker? The cracker itself wouldn't cause problems but it might either remind Julian of how hungry he is or it might have a bad interaction with some . . . uh . . . other chemical in his system.
Left on Chapter 2, page 26.
18th Sep 2014
Alright! Soooo it's about 2am, I'm not supposed to be up but I'm going to be getting up for work in a couple hours anyway, and I just wanted to get this done and posted.
Been crazy busy. Going to work, coming home, then going right back out to school. Studying constantly.
I'm pretty burned out, but I think in a way this is helping me get back into the drawing thing, pumped the majority of this page out over the weekend and would have had it done sooner if I had time. Soooo yeah!

Rain clouds. Whooo welcome to Ohio.
Great priorities there, Julian. Remembered to bring your cancer sticks but your forgot your phone.
Also those weird sound effects coming from Julian is supposed to be his stomach, that cracker is probably rocking out by now.

I will reply to previous comments when I get home later. Sorry about that!
Left on Chapter 2, page 26.
8th Sep 2014
Hardly anyone is looking at Julian. I suspect he's having a hallucination.
Left on Chapter 2, page 25.
8th Sep 2014
Third panel looks great to me! I am totally jealous of your ability to draw backgrounds and indoor spaces. Just wonderful!

Regardless of the way they are looking at Julian, either in a "Damn gurl, u fine" or "Sit down and shut the hell up or we will devour your soul" way, I'd say it would be a good time to leave. Yeah. XD
Left on Chapter 2, page 25.
8th Sep 2014
Bii0: Oh haaay, dis page only has 5 panels! I just might be able to get this out on time!

-proceeds to use awkward angle that's hardly ever attempted for the largest panel- -takes days just figuring it out the damn thing-

By the way, I'm pretty sure everything about the third panel is absolutely atrocious, so I apologize.

I didn't think Julian would take only imagining having all that attention so hard, buuut that's how some people roll I guess.

By the way, a little bit of an update. I'll be doing training days at work so I an study for an extremely pointless, but important test for the next two months starting tomorrow. I'm not sure how this will affect my already terrible updating schedule, but it probably won't be that great, at least for a few weeks until I get used to my new routine.
So um, yeah. I will be trying to work on pages between breaks and when I return home (if I'm not dead tired for lack of sleep), hopefully I can figure out how to study and draw stuff simultaneously despite my poor multi-tasking skills.


@Alicia: Naaaah! U crazy, those eyeless people are totally into him. They be lookin at him like "Damn gurl! U fiiiine~."

(Sorry! Today's a weird day)

@bejjinks: Oh I know. I was being a sarcastic, douche-monkey. C:
Left on Chapter 2, page 25.