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Comic profile: WYIHN!
It's tangy sand flavoured!
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 8 days ago
Number of comics: 82
Number of subscribers: 30
Visitors: 4675 visitors (22144 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.93 (44 votes)

Comic description

A young Christian boy named Matthew runs into a delinquent on his way to school one day, after a bad first impression he runs into this boy once again, and contemplates pressing charges. But being a good boy Matthew believing that everyone should get a second chance, so instead he tries to make a deal, if the delinquent decides to participate in all his religious duties with him and converts to Christianity he won't call the cops on the poor soul. Of course people are more complicated than we sometimes assume, and things don't always go as planned, or so Matthew discovers.


Hi! I'm Bloomer, but I usually go by Bii0 (B-O) kuz I stink at doing things.
I like stuff.
I really like tomatoes.
One time I got one of those upside down tomato plant things, and the tomatoes I got from it tasted like watery garbage, but that's okay because I just went to the grocery store and got really yummy ones.

I also has Tumblr. (Contains stuff that's cooler than anything I can achieve.)
I now have an art tumblr!(NSFW) ART TUMBLR
As well as a rarely undated Deviantart account: MAI DA

Most recent comments left on WYIHN!

The Catholic Crow
15th Apr 2014
I'm assuming you did some sort of editing on this - do you mind if I ask what program & methods you use?

- BTW Your artwork is gorgeous.
Left on Page 1.
15th Apr 2014

I knew this page won't take forever to finish, so I just wanted to thank you guys, sorry it's not much. Also I would like to draw up some stuff for you guys as thanks, anything you like as long as it's not something strange like inflation or vore.
If there is anything you'd want to see me draw with these characters or what not, please feel free to comment and I will draw and post it!
Left on Chapter 2, page 16.
11th Apr 2014
So weird story, Yesterday I decided to go outside and run for the first time in forever. Came back with a runny nose which isn't unusual since I have a particularly gunky nose anyway, but later on I kept sneezing and got a horrible migraine that even the strongest legal drug couldn't restrain, now today I woke up with red bumps on my hip and stomach and I feel like I have a head-cold. Really strange.

ANYWAY! Kind of scrambled to get this page finished since I knew there wasn't much to it, we didn't have real work this weekend so I was stuck there having to attend a mandatory party with booze and slots, it wasn't too bad since I got to see my cousins and get some drawing done.
Just so you know, Julian was planning to leg it to the church, half dressed with no shoes. It's a good thing he realized the jeans he picked up weren't 3 times his size. Oh Juli-poo, you're such a ham biscuit.

I will be starting the next page ASAP, I've already gotten some satisfactory thumbnails done, might get some other things done as well (since I do have to work on that... commission... thing. <_<). Sorry for the weird perspectives and messy shading, my pencil and pens did not feel like cooperating when I drew this so everything turned out kind of "whaaat?". Also if you guys ever have any suggestions, see anything that you think needs improvement, feel free to let me know. I totally thrive on feedback, so I will never bite your head off.
Left on Chapter 2, page 15.
1st Apr 2014
Oh geez, I'm so lame! A friend of mine came into town for a little over a week and I've been spending time with them, totally forgot what it was like to hang out with someone so I got totally preoccupied.

Kind of finished this in a hurry, so some of the perspective is messed up, sorry about that. Also in the 4th panel Julian is getting comfortable, burrowing under the blankets.

Anyways, I've got chores to do. I think I'll be having a little more time so I'll hopefully get a page done sooner rather than later.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
Left on Chapter 2, page 14.
13th Mar 2014
Ooooh good gawd I'm so sorry! Honestly, I've just been really lazy, been drawing other stuff, playing Minecraft, stuff like that. Actually there are a couple things I've been thinking about doing.
1. About working on a different project along with working on this one. I know I can hardly update this project as it is, but I was thinking of it as something to get away with, then coming back to this one with more interest. Really, "Slice of Life" isn't one of my most favourite genres, and I mainly did this one to make myself practice stuff I didn't want to do.
The other one would be more of a relaxing, fantasy sort of project.
I'm still debating about if I'd host it here and cut out some scenes, or host it somewhere that allows porn, cuuuuz it's kinda porny.
2. Was thinking about those things that people do where they have readers ask their characters questions, it always looked like really interesting character practice, but I don't really think anyone would interested (My characters are pretty meh, and possibly the least attractive things you'll ever see). The idea is more of a quick "Hey, that sounds like fun".

ANYWAYS! I swear to God, Julian is like an elderly lady with Alzheimer's disease.
Have you ever had one of those dreams that felt so real that when you woke up you didn't know where you were, and you just laid in bed for 10 minutes, looking around half asleep until you realized "Oh, I'm in my room"? I've had a couple of those, still not sure if they're obnoxious or entertaining.
But that's not what's going on with Julian! He's just being old, ignore him, attention will just make his behavior worse.

I will probably be working on different drawing stuff, have been in the mood to, but I will try to get the next page done sooner. I'm kind of excited since I did a basic thing on how long this comic will be and what will be going on in each chapter, I know I should have done that before I even started, but I did start this project just to learn stuff like that.

Would have updated earlier today, but I had to go to a dentist appointment.


@rokulily: Aww thank you! I don't know what to say, you're so nice! XC Hopefully I'll get a job, so my parent could stop feeling that way. That'd be a dream come true.

Sorry, still can't figure out how to make the reply button work.
Left on Chapter 2, page 13.