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Comic profile: WYIHN!
It's tangy sand flavoured!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 105
Number of subscribers: 48
Visitors: 7612 visitors (31055 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.94 (70 votes)

Comic description

A young Christian boy named Matthew runs into a delinquent on his way to school one morning. After a bad first impression their paths happen to cross once again while Matthew is helping with some charity work at a local children's residential facility, and he contemplates pressing charges. But being the good boy Matthew is, he believes that everyone deserves a second chance, so instead he makes a deal with the delinquent.
If he accompanies Matthew in all of his religious duties, and converts to Christianity, Matt won't call the cops on the poor soul. But of course, things in life don't always turn out as we plan, or so our pampered, young protagonist learns.


Hi! I'm Bloomer, but I usually go by Bii0 (B-O) kuz I stink at doing things.
My number one priority in life is drawing... and finding a way to make money.
I like stuff.
I really like tomatoes.
I also really like music, and have 9,000+ songs stored on my computer.
Also I'm awkward and not very friendly, but if you wanna chat about something, feel free to.

I also has Tumblr. (Contains stuff that's cooler than anything I can achieve.)
I now have an art tumblr!(NSFW) ART TUMBLR
As well as a rarely undated Deviantart account: MAI DA

Most recent comments left on WYIHN!

4th Mar 2015
LOL He doesn't have a shortage of places to go it seems. And im more than a bit curious about his relationship with....i actually don't know what her name is lol
Left on Chapter 2, page 39.
2nd Mar 2015
@Alicia (I don't have a reply button for some reason): Whoops! More like some crazy dyslexic moment, could have sworn I wrote "clothes". Goes to show I should read what I write after I write it. Lmao!

Thank you for the correction!

By the way, that icon is absolutely beautiful!
Left on Chapter 2, page 39.
2nd Mar 2015
Ha ha all this talk about food, no matter WHAT it is, is making me hungry. XD

Just a quick thing; I think there is a typo in that last panel where "cloths" should be "clothes?"
Left on Chapter 2, page 39.
2nd Mar 2015
Man I was so close to getting this done on time! Damn it! Mom kept me pretty active this weekend, and I didn't mind since her birthday was yesterday, and we went out to see the new Annie. Have to say, I really liked it aside from a wanna be Kanye West music scene.

Sorry if this page comes across a bit rushed, I was going to have them arguing longer, but was being admittedly lazy and decided to cut it to near the end. Have to say, never noticed how freaken huge I draw Julian's eyes, like he's about the same age as Vixen and just holy cow! I bet he can see over a mile in the dark with those saucers!

Anyways! Next week is going to be busy, have to work through the weekend, and the one day I'll be having off will most likely be dedicated to schoolwork. So hopefully I can scrunch in an hour or two of drawing during the week, and get the next page done in a timely manner!


@joeyballast: Just makes ya wanna pinch it, doesn't it?

@Confettirainbowpony: Your mom minds Bret Michaels! >:C
Pfft. He doesn't need no pants, this is Ohio, no one'll notice his starch white figure bounding across the landscape. They'll just think it's a ghost or somethin.

@Rd Ashes: Oh wow! Thank you very much, I'm really glad you like it!
Gosh I hope the characters get somewhere eventually, they should, but who knows how well I'll pull it off. Lol

I do both on my own... well as much writing as writing out dialogue requires, I've just skipped the writing part as far as story goes, as unprofessional as that sounds...

But again, seriously, thank you! I hope the comic won't disappoint in the future.

@name(guest): Thank you for the compliment! <3
Left on Chapter 2, page 39.
name (Guest)
28th Feb 2015
Gorgeous artwork!
Left on Chapter 2, page 38.