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Comic profile: WYIHN!
It's tangy sand flavoured!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 98
Number of subscribers: 42
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Rating: 4.95 (57 votes)

Comic description

A young Christian boy named Matthew runs into a delinquent on his way to school one morning. After a bad first impression their paths happen to cross once again while Matthew is helping with some charity work at a local children's residential facility, and he contemplates pressing charges. But being the good boy Matthew is, he believes that everyone deserves a second chance, so instead he makes a deal with the delinquent.
If he accompanies Matthew in all of his religious duties, and converts to Christianity, Matt won't call the cops on the poor soul. But of course, things in life don't always turn out as we plan, or so our pampered, young protagonist learns.


Hi! I'm Bloomer, but I usually go by Bii0 (B-O) kuz I stink at doing things.
My number one priority in life is drawing... and finding a way to make money.
I like stuff.
I really like tomatoes.
I also really like music, and have 9,000+ songs stored on my computer.
Also I'm awkward and not very friendly, but if you wanna chat about something, feel free to. Unfriendly =/= being totally rude and disrespectful.

I also has Tumblr. (Contains stuff that's cooler than anything I can achieve.)
I now have an art tumblr!(NSFW) ART TUMBLR
As well as a rarely undated Deviantart account: MAI DA

Most recent comments left on WYIHN!

21st Dec 2014
I. Love. Your. Style. And your colors are beautiful!!! (I saw it on the forums :P) I will wait patiently for next update. :> <3
Left on Chapter 2, page 32.
18th Dec 2014
It's funny when you do something thinking it'll be nicer than what you're doing now (like that "it's greener on the other side of the fence" thing), but when you do it you learn it sucks. This week I volunteered to work the late shift at my job, at first I thought it would be nice, but then I realized I didn't have time to get anything done... or even mess around on the internet, and I always had time for that at least. I've been going in a bit later, then when I get home I just have enough time to eat dinner before bedtime, also I think I'm losing it because my supervisor has the radio on this station that I swear plays the same 10 modern rap/pop songs over and over again... I can't even stand myself anymore (why can't they all be Meatloaf songs!?? Or Elvis Presley, or Janelle MonĂ¡e, or Queen? I can stand those, but noooooooooo).
Sooo this page would have gotten done Monday or Tuesday if it weren't for my poor judgment.

Julian's either calling Matt out on his attempt at using scare tactics, or he really just doesn't give a shit. Seriously, it could be both.
You think Matt would just give up on him knowing this, but he is totally bullheaded after all.

Damn, I'm exhausted! Goin to bed. (YAAAY! Tomorrow isn't a stay late day!)

OH YEAH! I made the page a bit bigger, please tell me if it's too big or if it's too small or just right. I dunno, I'll probably change it until I get some input cuz I'm a pain like that.


@Alicia: Aww. I wish I could update more, I feel like such a jackass only updating a once or twice a month. xD Thank you, I can never tell if I've gotten better or worse with panels. Those and speech bubbles are my kryptonite. Also thank you for sticking it out with my snail updates.

@bejjinks: He'll learn someday. I mean, he should with his awesome parents that totally teach him right from wrong... That could either be sarcastic or serious, because I can't remember if they've actually done their jobs and parents well so far. <_<' Whoops.

But right now, Matt will probably just blame any little thing on Julian just because he doesn't care enough to totally fight back, unless it's something he'll find personally offensive.
Left on Chapter 2, page 32.
5th Dec 2014
Yes, Matt, you got in trouble . . . because of WHO?

Does Matt ever take the blame?
Left on Chapter 2, page 31.
5th Dec 2014
It feels like it HAS been a while! When I saw that the comic had updated, it made me happy! :D This page is great! I am always envious of your panel layouts too, among many other things.
Left on Chapter 2, page 31.
5th Dec 2014
Hey guys, feels like it's been a while. Thought I'd get the page done on my 4 day weekend last week but we wound up doing extreme house cleaning and slight black Friday shopping instead, then when I was almost half way done I decided I really hated it so I trashed it and drew out another page. Yaaay!
Still don't really like it, have no clue what's up with Julian's face, I just could not get it right (I blame working on this while being sick).

Geez Matt, you're so rude! You could at least check before barging into a room and scaring small children. :/

I have a possible 3 day weekend coming up this week and another 4 day weekend coming up for Xmas, aside from helping out in the homeless shelter on Xmas day on account of not being the type to celebrate it, I'll be doing my best to get some pages done.


@woohooligan: "You can tell us everything, us church kids keep to ourselves so we won't spread it around." ;)

Thank you! <3

@bejjinks: Hmmm I'll have to figure out what info I want and draw up so character sheet stuff once I get some extra time. Seems like fun.
I do know there are some people who'd rather figure out the character's personalities though reading the actual story. I myself never minded them too much, and ones with extra concept art or reference stuff of the characters are always cool.

Yes, they're very bored kids, hopefully Julian will provide decent material to use for good horror stories to tell the other people at their church.
Oh awesome, I can't tell with how slow I am at updating. Thank you!
Left on Chapter 2, page 31.