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Comic profile: WYIHN!
It's tangy sand flavoured!
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 88
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Rating: 4.94 (47 votes)

Comic description

A young Christian boy named Matthew runs into a delinquent on his way to school one day, after a bad first impression he runs into this boy once again, and contemplates pressing charges. But being a good boy Matthew believing that everyone should get a second chance, so instead he tries to make a deal, if the delinquent decides to participate in all his religious duties with him and converts to Christianity he won't call the cops on the poor soul. Of course people are more complicated than we sometimes assume, and things don't always go as planned, or so Matthew discovers.


Hi! I'm Bloomer, but I usually go by Bii0 (B-O) kuz I stink at doing things.
I like stuff.
I really like tomatoes.
One time I got one of those upside down tomato plant things, and the tomatoes I got from it tasted like watery garbage, but that's okay because I just went to the grocery store and got really yummy ones.

I also has Tumblr. (Contains stuff that's cooler than anything I can achieve.)
I now have an art tumblr!(NSFW) ART TUMBLR
As well as a rarely undated Deviantart account: MAI DA

Most recent comments left on WYIHN!

18th Jul 2014
Aw, I reached the END?! Whaaaat? I couldn't stop reading, but now I have to... for now.

This is great so far and I can't wait to see what he thinks of his first day of church. Although I can pretty much guess. Heh heh...
Left on Chapter 2, page 22.
17th Jul 2014
Woooooah, sorry guys! Haven't been motivated to do much lately. <_<'

I kinda know how Julian feels, listening to church sermons is always so boring. My grandparents used to let me bring in books on catastrophes or astronomy, which is kinda ironic in a way.
Also, I'll say now. I totally lifted the sermon stuff from different preachers on youtube. I'm such a dirty thief! -flies off cliff-

Now I'm gonna go do chores.
Left on Chapter 2, page 22.
29th Jun 2014
I really like this cover. D:
Well, personal preferences... :p
Left on Sorta Cover
25th Jun 2014
Whoo! Sorry about that, I'm doing some training days at work.

Matt's family is just all kinds of awkward, poor Julian.
Someday I'll put a dress or something on Matt's mom that isn't completely hideous! SOMEDAY~

By and by, I just wanted to give a heads up, even if no one's interested. I finally got commissions put together, as a starting up thing they're 35% off the first 5 commissions, which include the NSFW slots. Even if you're not interested, it would be helpful if you have a tumblr account and can reblog it... or it's not too much trouble.
Left on Chapter 2, page 21.
12th Jun 2014
WHOO GOT A PAGE DONE! Sorry about that, decided to take up the perspective in that first panel and bitch and procrastinated all the way though it (still good practice, though!).

So here's a few things I just wanted to get out there. I'm attempting to be more "active" on my DA, and a while back I made a journal about featuring peoples OCs and saying what I like about them, I only had one and a hit that will take forever to get done so if you guys want me to look though your stuff and feature it here's the link! LINK
Also! I'm going to show this post that I came across, not only for myself but if you guys want to try it. It looks really fun, and I most likely will do this unprovoked.
ALSOOOO! A while back I was figuring out what my characters would sound like, and here are a couple results!

Apollo sounds like Queen.
Julian sounds like Meatloaf.

Because I said so, and everyone will have a voice from whatever musician I listen to (still haven't found one for Matt). Your welcome.


@radio-mustard-james: Oh wow! My comic/art isn't THAT good! xD Thank you very much for the compliment, though.
Left on Chapter 2, page 20.