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Comic profile: XTIN
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Comic language: English
Genre: Horror
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Jeremy Ray
2nd Feb 2016
Jeremy Ray
Here's a panel I've been wanting to get out for a long time. I went super heavy on the negativity and despair in the first book, but the big idea was that over several books the Nagaverse would eventually turn around and get better. Now we can get a look at what that's going to be like. It's a comment I wanted to make on radical life extension and the posthuman future. I see a prevalent opinion that people shouldn't live longer than they do now, or that machines will take over, but these aren't inevitabilities. They're choices to be made, and we can do better. I'm offering a different take on the future. The guru and many of the other Nawa have already lived for over a billion years at this point in the story, and they can foresee living billions more years. They're not bored and they're not becoming something that isn't human. I've seen so many people comment that they can't imagine how bored they'd get if they lived over a hundred years. Really? I think life is more like this - you open a door and there's ten more doors behind it. You pick a door and there's ten more doors behind it. You can't exhaust all the possibilities, but you can be a boring person who never opens the first door. I'm not into drugs but Joe Rogan makes a good case for DMT and psychadelics in general on his podcast. I don't think anyone should choose death for fear of boredom before exploring consciousness altering drugs. A thousand years of being high might not be such an intolerable experience. We don't necessarily need to plunge recklessly into the technological future either. What would be wrong with taking ten thousand years to chill out? We've earned it. So far it doesn't look like the Klingons are out there threatening us. It may be there's nothing worse than a microbe anywhere else in the universe. Someone once estimated that it would only take a million years to colonize the galaxy once interstellar travel became possible - kind of implies that intelligent and expansionist aliens aren't out there, doesn't it? If they were, the galaxy should have been colonized many times over by now. Yet we see nothing. So maybe once we have technological immortality we could relax for a while and learn how to be, before spreading the inner demons to the rest of the universe.

I'm fairly pleased with the way this painting turned out. The modelling of he forms could be better, but there's not any place where the colors die. I've never used brush strokes as well before. I started this one in black and white, roughing it out with cuts and gradients, than converted it to color. It's scary to convert a black and white image to color. There's that moment when everything is the same color and it looks so bad. It's mentally difficult to have faith that that mess is going to be sorted out, but surely it will get easier.

I've got a new idea for building the initial greyscale tones. I think I'm very close to having digital painting nailed down. There will always be tons of room to grow, but I think I'm 90-95% to where I need to be. It's so close!
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 23a
Jeremy Ray
23rd Jan 2016
Jeremy Ray
Got a break from work due to the snow and finished another couple panels. This may be about as good as I can do constructing a face and lighting out of my head. I'm going to try setting up reference in 3D for the next image. Painting from life or reference is like an entirely different thing. You can switch it up a bit but the lighting and forms are all there to be copied. Why make it harder than it has to be - I only care about the story and design, and I'm spending far too little time on those things. I may even write in a costume that covers Taslim's face, so I can get a break from painting it and speed things up. He's not been that compelling so far anyway. Not that he's been given a chance to do anything but listen to others, I'm sure that's also part of the problem and it will change soon. But at the moment he's a weak character and I don't enjoy a thing about him. I'll get a chance to address it soon. It's shut up and go way time for the guru. Enough monologuing already. It was necessary since I don't want to post the first book, but we're just about through it and soon we'll be into the action part.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 22d
Jeremy Ray
5th Jan 2016
Jeremy Ray
Updates are going to be incredibly infrequent for the foreseeable future. Between work and having to put in next year's firewood, I have very little time available for the comic. I wish it were not so, but there's no way around it.
Left on Comic 27 - REINCARRION chap 1 pg 22c
Jeremy Ray
6th Dec 2015
Jeremy Ray
I could do a page a day of stick figures and stream-of-consciousness. It's unavoidable that the good stuff will come in smaller quantities. I would have liked to have updated this panel with the next one, but it would have meant waiting a few more days to update again. I thought that was the greater of the two evils.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 22a
Jeremy Ray
6th Dec 2015
Jeremy Ray
Nothing's too confusing?
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 12