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Comic profile: XTIN
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Comic language: English
Genre: Horror
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Most recent comments left on XTIN

Jeremy Ray
28th Nov 2015
Jeremy Ray
It's feeling like the main issue left with my painting is how much time I want to put into it. I could go over this again and again and again or I could paint the next panel. I'd rather have more story than have each panel look like the best piece of concept art ever, at the expense of story.

I'm having second thoughts about using the word "God" on this page. The meaning is a little off, and I've already used "Devil," "Demoness," and "Dragoness," to refer to Taonui. Poetically though, "God" fits better, so that's what I'm going with. XTIN is kind of like a spoken word heavy metal poem. Maybe I should form a band at some point and tour. That would be kind of awesome, wouldn't it?

I'd also like to defend the guru's speaking style by comparing him to Stefan Molyneux, who creates the most grandiose freestyle word salads. If anything I'd say Stefan blows the guru away. So, this isn't unrealistic, it's out there in real-people land.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 21c
Jeremy Ray
26th Nov 2015
Jeremy Ray
I believe the main thing left is to get better shadows. The colors aren't too bad here.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 21b
Jeremy Ray
23rd Nov 2015
Jeremy Ray
First single panel update. This is going to be the norm from here on out.

Lots of good religious babble in this update. As a writer I may not be big on plot structure or witty dialogue, but I love world building and mythology. I'd like to think I've done something original here, but realistically, so much media is being produced, it's just as likely that I've randomly duplicated an earlier work I've never heard of.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 21a
Jeremy Ray
17th Nov 2015
Jeremy Ray
So I had this plan to update individual panels instead of pages, and what happens next - a single panel page. It was originally going to have multiple panels, but it came out too crammed and had to be split in two. This is going to be one of the more important reveals in the entire story, no matter how long it runs. Ulupi's ship needed room to breathe on the page. The good news is, the next page is written and lettered, which usually takes a couple days in and of itself.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 20
Jeremy Ray
4th Nov 2015
Jeremy Ray
I'm going to try updating single panels instead of full pages. I'm only getting these out every 8 or 9 days, which is not really frequent enough. The single panel idea may not be great either, but it's the price of getting a painted comic. IIRC Dead Heaven updated a panel at a time, so perhaps it'll be o.k.

I'm considering recording my paintings and posting them to YouTube, or Patreon. A ten minute clip takes several hours to upload though, so it's not a trivial thing to do. There's a couple ways I could go with the audio. I could talk about the painting process, but it's going to be super-repetitive if I do that every time. I've thought about doing philosophical commentary over the paintings, but world events are getting super-dark and I'm dubious about whether people want to hear me talk about it. The impression I get is that people would rather ignore reality and hope it goes away.

About this page, I could have done a better job with the layouts. I'm not happy with the compositions of the first and last panels. I made a bit of a gain in painting knowledge however. I figured out it's quicker to paint in soft light than to alternate between dodge and multiply. If you use soft light you only have to switch between the background and foreground colors, so it saves the step of changing the color mode. It's not entirely necessary to pick the right colors either. You can hit the magic letter d and and paint with black and white. It may not be what you always want to do, especially if you have a saturated painting style. It's fast though and that's great in and of itself.

I'm happier with the writing on this page than the art. I'm happier with the writing for the entire comic than the art. On this page, I managed to work in the idea of living in a simulation, without explicitly writing about living in a simulation. In the past I thought the "right" way to write is to create custom characters and worlds around story ideas. Now I think grafting new ideas into existing I.P. works just as well. Working with existing characters can create as many happy accidents as problems. The idea of a simulated world works just as well in XTIN as in a technological sci-fi story, and I can skip the techno-babble and go straight to the people-babble. In the next few pages the Guru will put out a view of the human ideal that is a little different than the one of infinite technological growth.

That's all for now. Feel free to comment if you have an opinion on potential videos, or single panel updates, etc.
Left on REINCARRION chap 1 pg 19