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Comic profile: Abby Normal
Abby Normal
the story of a zombie girl and her brain-in-a-jar friend
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 24th Aug 2016
Number of comics: 69
Number of subscribers: 344
Visitors: 62534 visitors (273627 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (966 votes)

Comic description

Abby Normal is about a girl who became a zombie and now lives in an undead world. Humans are almost extinct, and all Abby really wants is a chance to be alive again. Is it worth it when everyone else is dead as well? She befriends a brain, a ghost, a mysterious shadow being and runs into other undead people as well.


I love drawing. I like cute/creepy stuff. I play too much Zelda. I hope you like my comics.
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Most recent comments left on Abby Normal

27th Oct 2016
"Only wish"? No one has just ONE wish, or genies would have a LOT more free time.
Left on Ch 3 Page 13
6th Oct 2016
Great page. I don't think Darco is that creepy.
Left on Ch 3 Page 13
15th Sep 2016
Hapyyyyy! <3 Long time no see!! I heard you're back and it is glorious to see Abby Normal updates again!! :D <33 Welcome backuuu!~

Abby's face in panel 4 cracks me up while Darco is being all ... Darco-ey XDD
Left on Ch 3 Page 13
4th Sep 2016
You're updating again! I'm so happy! How are you doing?? Last time I was on CF you seemed to be going through some stuff, sorry I wasn't there to help :( But I hope you've found a new, happy groove or at least feel on the mend!
Left on Ch 3 Page 13
Thursday Violist (Guest)
1st Sep 2016
Can I even believe it !?!?
I, on a whim, decided to go back to my two favorite comics and not just The Wolf at Weston Court had new pages to read, but this one did too!

I love these characters so much; they‘re amazing and fun.
Left on Ch 3 Page 13