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Comic profile: Asperchu
The Electric/Aspergers Hedgehog Pokemon
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9th Sep 2012
Number of comics: 568
Number of subscribers: 59
Visitors: 310865 visitors (7016013 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (847 votes)

Comic description

Welcome to the grand world of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers type hedgehog pokemon! Join ASPERCHU in his adventures to save Albville from the evils of evil villains of the PVCC and more. I am so greatful to have my TRUE and LOYAL fanbase, which I would never have had if not for the leadership and artistic genius shown to guide me by Christian Weston Chandler. I welcome all fans who wish to contribute to ASPERCHU'S adventures, as without them my power would be none!


I am the TRUE and HONEST original creator of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers hedgehog pokemon. All imitators of ASPERCHU and related characters and media are null and void.

Most recent comments left on Asperchu

ME (Guest)
21st Oct 2014
What if, by finishing his comic all of sudden Alec is just parodying the fact that Chris stopped drawing Sonichu for no particular reason, making this the ultimate parody? We may never know.
Left on V2-8
HIS OHER (Guest)
20th Oct 2014
Probably his other grandma.
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #F Page 3
Guest (Guest)
19th Oct 2014
"Medicinal Plautistic"
Legalize it!
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #6 Page 30
Guest (Guest)
19th Oct 2014
Dat Magi-on-Magi action.
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #6 Page 18
Guest (Guest)
16th Oct 2014
asperchu has assburgers, where do you think he gets his burgers from?
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #8 Page 6