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Comic profile: Asperchu
The Electric/Aspergers Hedgehog Pokemon
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 9th Sep 2012
Number of comics: 568
Number of subscribers: 59
Visitors: 303001 visitors (6842994 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (847 votes)

Comic description

Welcome to the grand world of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers type hedgehog pokemon! Join ASPERCHU in his adventures to save Albville from the evils of evil villains of the PVCC and more. I am so greatful to have my TRUE and LOYAL fanbase, which I would never have had if not for the leadership and artistic genius shown to guide me by Christian Weston Chandler. I welcome all fans who wish to contribute to ASPERCHU'S adventures, as without them my power would be none!


I am the TRUE and HONEST original creator of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers hedgehog pokemon. All imitators of ASPERCHU and related characters and media are null and void.

Most recent comments left on Asperchu

Nathan the Mouse (Guest)
16th Jul 2014
Being a creative type myself, I know what it's like to stop loving an ongoing work. I wish the real Alec the best in doing things he enjoys.

I had some hope that Alec would go back to making this and hopefully tie up some loose ends if Chris started updating his comic and railing on the imitators again.

For that matter I was hoping Chris would go back to making more of his comic so I could laugh at it.

Maybe I should try making a comic series. for those that want to see my crayon scrawlings. Any thoughts?
Left on V2-8
Guest (Guest)
15th Jul 2014
"Big ass straw"
The original was better
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #0 Page 17
Guest (Guest)
15th Jul 2014
Left on Brotherly Love
Guest (Guest)
15th Jul 2014
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #0 Page 1
Guest (Guest)
15th Jul 2014
I haven't even read this comic and I know its better than sonichu
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #0 Cover