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Comic profile: Asperchu
The Electric/Aspergers Hedgehog Pokemon
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 9th Sep 2012
Number of comics: 568
Number of subscribers: 60
Visitors: 319910 visitors (7252214 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (847 votes)

Comic description

Welcome to the grand world of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers type hedgehog pokemon! Join ASPERCHU in his adventures to save Albville from the evils of evil villains of the PVCC and more. I am so greatful to have my TRUE and LOYAL fanbase, which I would never have had if not for the leadership and artistic genius shown to guide me by Christian Weston Chandler. I welcome all fans who wish to contribute to ASPERCHU'S adventures, as without them my power would be none!


I am the TRUE and HONEST original creator of ASPERCHU, the electric/aspergers hedgehog pokemon. All imitators of ASPERCHU and related characters and media are null and void.

Most recent comments left on Asperchu

Edgarquest (Guest)
25th Jan 2015
Left on ASPERCHU Issue #3D Page 5
Truth-Benson Leary (Guest)
23rd Jan 2015
Love you to babe.
Left on V2-8
Brian (Guest)
22nd Jan 2015
"No more."
I don't know if it's trolls but these supposed "haters" don't seem to exist. Really everyone loves the asperchu series. so it seems without saying it would be so great if it continued.
Left on V2-8
Alec Benson Leary (Guest)
22nd Jan 2015
"Waking it back up"
The reason I'm commenting as a guest is that I forgot the password to my account and I've been too lazy to recover it. If there weren't so many haters like you I'd probably be more inclined to get some inspiration to finish this gosh darn thing. The February 24th reveal of the next comic is now cancelled thanks to this jerk. Maybe if enough people are supportive in the comments I will consider changing my mind, but this guy's attitude just really ticks me off.
Left on V2-8
Truth-Bringer (Guest)
20th Jan 2015
"Putting it to Rest"
There is no more Aperchu comics coming. First of all it's been confirmed that it's over on the Cwcki. Second, the comments stating otherwise on this issue are false take a look here. In the comments section it clearly separates the Author's comment from a user's comment. Asperchu is over. We have to move on.
Left on V2-8