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Comic profile: Bee Police
Bee Police
Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago
Number of comics: 264
Number of subscribers: 17
Visitors: 48362 visitors (315608 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.91 (22 votes)

Comic description

Bee Police is a comic about government conspiracies, mutant bees, mountain gods, ancient aliens, random monsters, and some aggies living in an out of the way town named Podunk.


I draw, I write, I try really hard to not watch tv -it's called programming for a reason.

I went to school, I went to college, I got drunk. Then I went to college again -this time on MY dime.

My comic influences include 1980-1990's Anime and manga, 1970-1980's American comics. I like Art Nouveau, and Art Deco.

I listen to almost ALL music. I've even enjoyed some Country and Rap music, though I prefer the blue-grass and Blues roots of the aforementioned music styles.

I am currently parent of three cats: Gracie, Earl Grey, and Spooky (a.k.a. Ms Spooks-alot).

Most recent comments left on Bee Police

11th Apr 2014
I got home tonight after a long day at work, pulled up the website, and WOAH! where's the update? sigh. here it is.
Left on Altitude Stickness
21st Mar 2014
Whoa, looks like you're going to need a new computer monitor ;D
Left on Going to HELO in a handbasket
14th Feb 2014
Hmm, it's Valentine's day, and I'm putting up a "breakup" page. Ironic, unplanned for, but I'll take it!
Left on Goin' to town...
Silka (Guest)
7th Feb 2014
... again?! How often does this happen to the guy?? XD
Left on geep geep geep geep!
17th Jan 2014
Ah where *DID* that inner demon go?
Left on Spinal Tap