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Comic profile: Books Don't Work Here
Books Don't Work Here
Where the characters talk back
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago
Number of comics: 191
Number of subscribers: 27
Visitors: 183317 visitors (1155280 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (237 votes)

Comic description

A meta flavored webcomic with no 4th wall and a plot about a webcomic actress and the challenges she has to face. You know imaginary scripts, unreliable narrators, plot holes, meta walls, wacky physics, mad science, and budget cuts. Updates Mondays!


Kai Faydale
Kai Faydale
I spend enough time trying to be interesting in my writing that I am not going to put much effort into breaking the habit of following the rule of funny for any comments i make on this site. So if i seem flippant or rude in anyway way know that i wasn't doing it to laugh at you. i just wanted to laugh.
CPT Lenin
Tech head, currently engaged with Books Don't Work Here. You should totally read it. Also available for any other work anybody might need. Laconic.

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Kai Faydale
20th Mar 2017
Kai Faydale
This week is finals which means I'm swamped, but the end is in sight. I just a 22 page comic for one class (not graded on art so it's stick figures). It's not related to BDWH but I will still post it online at some point and put a link somewhere on this site. Next the day job, and an 8 page comic that does grade the art.
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Wisknort (Guest)
5th Mar 2017
I'm gonna hold you to this canon later. :D
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Kai Faydale
5th Mar 2017
Kai Faydale
See the lack of color is part of the story not me being overworked, everyone but the extras gets to live in a technicolor world.
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Kai Faydale
2nd Mar 2017
Kai Faydale
I promised my sister I would put her in the comic at some point so here goes...
oh and the art style is all sketchy because these characters aren't infused with plot, and certainly not because of how little time I had to put togeather 8 pages.
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Kai Faydale
28th Feb 2017
Kai Faydale
I'm taking some classes on making comics atm, and was able to set one of the comics I was assigned in the BDWH world. I hope you enjoy a look into life as a character who isn't center stage.
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