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Comic profile: Books Don't Work Here
Books Don't Work Here
Where the characters talk back
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 182
Number of subscribers: 30
Visitors: 177871 visitors (1134148 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (237 votes)

Comic description

A meta flavored webcomic with no 4th wall and a plot about a webcomic actress and the challenges she has to face. You know imaginary scripts, unreliable narrators, plot holes, meta walls, wacky physics, mad science, and budget cuts. Updates Mondays!


Kai Faydale
Kai Faydale
I spend enough time trying to be interesting in my writing that I am not going to put much effort into breaking the habit of following the rule of funny for any comments i make on this site. So if i seem flippant or rude in anyway way know that i wasn't doing it to laugh at you. i just wanted to laugh.
CPT Lenin
Tech head, currently engaged with Books Don't Work Here. You should totally read it. Also available for any other work anybody might need. Laconic.

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Kai Faydale
28th Nov 2016
Kai Faydale
I debated on the numbering for this page since it shows a chapter page as and a page that I won’t otherwise post. Probably the most logical if I count the chapter title pages as numbered pages and I go back and add them to the tally. Which I’ll do when I finish fiddling around with the new website since I’ll have to move everything around then anyways. I should have time to finish teaching myself how to make a website once finals are over, though I will also be juggling getting my writing portfolio ready for grad school applications during the break.
Left on 154 Crossing the Threshold
Kai Faydale
22nd Nov 2016
Kai Faydale
I wonder who that could be?
Left on Chapter 5
Kai Faydale
16th Nov 2016
Kai Faydale
This page was a journey to get through. I got a new tablet I can actually draw on (because you guys are worth it), and started working on this page, only the tablet did not play well with Gimp. It worked fine in photoshop though and I thought I was close enough to figuring that out to give it a whirl (I was not). So I spent hours calibrating the tablet updating drivers ect only for it to konk out a few hours into actually drawing the page. Got that fixed by the next day but of course drawing in photoshop fir the first time slowed everything down. For teh life of me i could not get the smudge tool to work the same here as in gimp. Then photoshop deleted my file. Yep it was one of those days/ weeks. After much trial and tribulation I finally have the page done. Now I just need to catch up on homework.
On the plus side no more blue! I bet you can’t guess what I’ll do next.
Left on 152 Wait for it
Kai Faydale
15th Nov 2016
Kai Faydale
Having some computer problems that are slowing drawing down. The new page should be up wed morning latest.
Left on 151 A shocking discovery
Kai Faydale
8th Nov 2016
Kai Faydale
I am looking forward to being done with all this blue. Though the lightning was fun.
Left on 151 A shocking discovery