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Comic profile: The Chronicles of Loth
The Chronicles of Loth
Only through action can one attain their destiny
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 471
Number of subscribers: 89
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Rating: 4.58 (355 votes)

Comic description

The travels of a female adventurer in a world where her people are hated and her story of gaining friends and saving the world.

Most recent comments left on The Chronicles of Loth

Ed8 (Guest)
1st Oct 2014
Give up, elf dudes: If there's a room full of hundreds of girly looking elf men and one nearly identical elf woman, Cade's natural instincts will immediately home in on the one female without fail. He has unlimited uses of this power and there is no saving throw against it.
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 18 ch. 13
Guesticus (Guest)
30th Sep 2014
Gotta admit, that talking elf in the 4th panel seems more girly than usual for elves :P
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 18 ch. 13
The_Rippy_One (Guest)
30th Sep 2014
Troll alert! Turns out it's not actually Naerea, but another random elf woman. XD

On another note, I love that he can tell that admits all the pretty boys.
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 18 ch. 13
30th Sep 2014
She's here! It's really her! Ral's Sister Naerea (spoilers)! Bonus image is Naerea of course. and October's Wallpaper Kinuko hits the pool, or ocean, who knows. Preview, as always, on the Rlbumt.
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 18 ch. 13
Ed8 (Guest)
29th Sep 2014
Pffft! Elves. What's wrong with them? Their lack of enthusiasm is ruining Cade's awesome dramatic entrance!
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 17 ch. 13