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Comic profile: The Chronicles of Loth
The Chronicles of Loth
Only through action can one attain their destiny
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 454
Number of subscribers: 85
Visitors: 2143562 visitors (19929875 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.58 (355 votes)

Comic description

The travels of a female adventurer in a world where her people are hated and her story of gaining friends and saving the world.

Most recent comments left on The Chronicles of Loth

Ed8 (Guest)
1st Aug 2014
Would these hypothetical erotic comics have dragongirls in them by any chance? :D
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 63 ch. 12
Ed8 (Guest)
1st Aug 2014
I wasn't meaning to be critical, just when I made the analogy that it's is kinda sorta like holding them hostage, I'm just upset that I can't afford the ransom ;) However, if I haven't said it before THANKS for all the awesome free work you do, it is much appreciated!
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 62 ch. 12
1st Aug 2014
And with that we close Ch. 12, I wanted to end this chapter Tuesday but what'ya gonna' do? Anyway with August We're lunch the Loth Patreon, for people that support us there get the bonus image with every update and the wallpaper. So if you're planning on going the Patreon route don't click on the Donation Wallpaper, they are the same. For people that aren't doing the Patreon there is of course still a preview at TUMBLR. Thank you everyone that helps to keep this comic going! If it wasn't for you I'd probably be drawing erotic comics, so take that as you will.
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 63 ch. 12
Rob (Guest)
31st Jul 2014
"Lots of broken images"
There's been a lot of broken images, I hope they're fixed in the future!
Left on The Chronicles of Loth page 4 chapter 6
Guesticus (Guest)
30th Jul 2014
It's more of a case of not having a PayPal account (well, not a current one anyway, used to have 2, but that was over a decade ago) and being at the bottom end of the South Pacific (the cold miserable end :()
Left on The Chronicles of Loth pg. 62 ch. 12