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Comic profile: The Descended
The Descended
How the Mighty Have Fallen...
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6th Aug 2014
Number of comics: 36
Number of subscribers: 53
Visitors: 34336 visitors (324502 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (52 votes)

Comic description

"Life's not worth living without some suffering.
...Also, I found it funny."

The Descended takes place in the World of Soano, a world governed by a built-from-scratch RPG system and the gods' bad sense of humor. Specifically, it follows the quests and stories of three adventuring groups: The Outcasts, The Elementals, and The Latens, on their missions to become stronger for their own various reasons.

Hilarity--if Bree's doing her job correctly--will ensue.

(Genres: Fantasy/Adventure/RPG/Humor.)

Updates every Monday at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.


I've gone by many names online and have been a veteran in communities for over nine years, now, but here I am to stay.

Originally, I came here because I used Flikr, with the same name before a slight change. It's where I normally had my webcomics. It was adequate for my needs at the time, but it has certain restrictions. Having 4 (at the time) webcomics, I thought it best to try and expand to other sites.

I do my webcomics purely for my own enjoyment, so I don't care about how low the quality is (mostly). I don't mind if people don't like it. But, hey, if others can learn to enjoy it, that'd certainly make me one happy writer. :)

Also, yes. I am THE Ranger. Living legend. Effectively a grandmother of CF.

(Current project: Red Hood Rider.)

My Alt
My Alt
I think it's obvious.

Most recent comments left on The Descended

18th Aug 2014
Sorry for not posting this sooner! I've been behind in so much of late.

Anyway, I know that feeling of thinking something will only take a 'short time' all too well. On many occasions have I attempted to do something that would be quick and yet it turned into 8+ hour chores instead. It's good that you stuck with it and actually produced something pretty good at the end though.

Don't worry, you're certainly not the worst at doing this sort of thing. Believe me, I know a lot of people who are worse. You're at least very upfront and honest about it, and above all you're trying to improve, which is the most important.
Do you have any ideas of what tablet you want to buy? I've always used a Wacom Intuous 3, which has been great, but it might be too expensive or you full price, if you only want something around $100. You could probably find one on ebay for around that price though, if you're willing to get a preowned one.
I've got a small bamboo too which is on the cheaper side and pretty good, though I personally find it too small. I guess I'm just used to using a larger one.
Taking a quick look on the Wacom website, it looks like the Intuos Pen is $99. There's also the Intuos Manga, which is $149.

Overall, the comic doesn't look bad and looks pretty good. I really liked all of the different characters you included and just the huge variety on display! The writing was good too.
While the last 4 panels were good, my favourite has to be panel 15 (or the 5th last)! :)

Anyway I hope you're well and good luck with everything!
Left on Filler: At The Movies
8th Aug 2014
Well, you certainly deserve it! ;)
Left on Filler: At The Movies
7th Aug 2014
Asdfgjkncfhbd R-Ranger..! That post in the favorite comics thread..! *was not expecting this* Thank you!! So sweet T~T
Left on Filler: At The Movies
7th Aug 2014
That's why they're the last four panels. :P

I considered inserting them earlier (they could fit really anywhere), but I figured they were the thing people would find most entertaining, so I stuck them at the end.

And you have less subscribers than I do?!?

This must be fixed.
It's borderline a crime against humanity!
Left on Filler: At The Movies
7th Aug 2014
All do filler, but few as consistently as me. :P

Butyeah, thank you. I most assuredly will keep going! (And if this looks good, just WAIT for what I've got planned...)
Left on Filler: At The Movies