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Comic profile: Drachronon
That name will never grow on me
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 31
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Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Comic description

What do you get when two shapeshifting dragons end up in a time far from their own? Why, a dumb portmanteau title of course!
An unfortunate and improbable series of events lead to Tanbyr and Edan awakening many years on from the old fantasy world they're familiar with, technology, the world, and everything in it has advanced.
A cartoonish slightly humour-y comic that's a little bit fantasy and/or a little bit rock 'n' roll. *Rock 'n' roll not guaranteed*

May contain fairly mild violence.


Most recent comments left on Drachronon

18th Jan 2017
There's a couple of extra pages left on this part, honestly not to sure whether or not to bother with them. Guess we'll see. Would give me a nice little break from caves for a time!
This one turned out all kinds of wonky, was kind of one of those things I didn't realise until the page was basically done, but yeah, perspective in that last panel for one. Worrying thing is it was actually worse before I corrected some stuff!
Left on 3-11
15th Jan 2017
Phew, another faster update, putting on a bit of a push to try and get to the end of the chapter. Only a couple more to go! If I keep going at this rate I maybe done by the end of the week (well, probably not, but I'm trying for it!)
One annoying thing I didn't notice until this page. All the lines I've been drawing on the cave walls blend in with the shading! Half the time on this page was spent on me trying to draw a ton of the things to try and show the size of the cave a little better, and it wasn't until now that I realised! Might scrap the “POP” effect to, kind of ended up being a little distracting.
Oh, we finally get the cities name! Good reason for that… I'm awful at coming up with names, and had about a dozen sitting in a list somewhere. Only just got around to settling on one. (Was actually going to be Ffenicmere, in keeping with the Celtic naming scheme I was following, but figured it'd probably be best not to get into Welsh pronunciation!)
There was actually a fair bit cut out on this one from what I remember, a little more indepth explanation, but I'm sure that'll all become apparent later anyway!
Left on 3-10
11th Jan 2017
Less than a week to update, what is this madness?!
More goblins, I need to find excuses to throw more of those little guys into pages, always enjoy drawing them! But, yeah, not sure how well it comes across, but implication from that panel, cities defences are coming from those kind of sources. Because it's easier to pay a handful of people to deal with things than it is to pay for proper defences! Yeeeah, we'll be getting to more stuff along those lines here and there.
Probably one of my favourite pages to make so far, it's weird this is one of the only pages where I actually liked how it looked when it was just the flats! And that's even with the facial expressions being a little off from what I'd like at times. I dunno, it's probably just the meds kicking in!
New page when I can get around to it!
Left on 3-9
7th Jan 2017
Wow, it's been a few weeks! I apologise, whole string of problems came up. Tablet completely gave up working, had to try and get used to the new one, new medication has been making me tired as heck, Christmas, but, hey, enough excuses.
Yeah, more explain-y stuff. Only three more pages of it to go, at least! Kind of one of the things I don't like with this whole part, I ended up with just a load of passing mentions of things that get explained in more detail later, just because I constantly worry about things not making sense without it, even though most of it probably doesn't need to be done here! What can I say, I'm a bad writer!
Can't recall if I mentioned it on a previous page, but they have the whole proportionate ageing thing going on and shape shift to an equivalent age, so Edan is roughly the equivalent of a human in his late teens here. (They were close on ages prior to the whole time thing!)
And I've gone on far too long! Next page hopefully won't take weeks to finish!
Left on 3-8
16th Dec 2016
Well, thanks to the magic of trying to trim stuff out as much as possible, it shouldn't be that long. Still will probably drag a little though. Unavoidable side effect of my terrible, terrible writing!
Ugh, late again. Sorry, tablet has been playing up, took a few days to figure out a work around. That combined with absolutely nothing ending up looking anything like I wanted it to on this page!
Oh, I did remember to tweak the dialogue for accents at least. Yeah, I kind of completely forgot about that on most pages! Oops!
Left on 3-7