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Comic profile: Drachronon
That name will never grow on me
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago
Number of comics: 44
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 875 visitors (3013 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Comic description

What do you get when two shapeshifting dragons end up in a time far from their own? Why, a dumb portmanteau title of course!
An unfortunate and improbable series of events lead to Tanbyr and Edan awakening many years on from the old fantasy world they're familiar with, technology, the world, and everything in it has advanced.
A cartoonish slightly humour-y comic that's a little bit fantasy and/or a little bit rock 'n' roll. *Rock 'n' roll not guaranteed*

May contain fairly mild violence.


Most recent comments left on Drachronon

20th Feb 2017
Ugh, spent so long trying to work out how to handle those last couple of backgrounds, and they still turned out awful!
Anyway, so yes, sound! That screech literally sending her flying back. Technically not breath, but they refer to it as such since it comes from the same source as Tan's fire, etc. Actually yet another kind of a D&D influenced thing (Although, I don't think there were any dragons with a Sonic based breath weapon, can't quite remember!)
And yet another face plant for Tanbyr. It's a miracle she hasn't lost more teeth yet!
Also, the burns on Edan... yeah, I kind of forgot them. I was going to go back and fix that, but it looked awful anyway, and it was really more for comedic effect, so uh... let's just call it an homage to old cartoons where similar stuff would happen and be gone after a cut! >_>
Here's hoping I can get the next few pages done a little quicker, getting dangerously close to the end of the month!
Left on 4-12 Sonic Boom
17th Feb 2017
The gloves are off!
Kind of a dull page, I know. Also, wasn't quite sure how to do crispy fried Edan! Eh, whatever, not much to say really. Was actually going to try and trim this page, divide what's left to other pages, I don't really like the flow anyway, but it really would have messed up other pages, so, guess we're stuck with it!
Left on 4-11 Focus Energy
16th Feb 2017
Okay, comic lore time, some of this will be coming up much, much later anyway, but figured I'd put a little here, but I guess it's skippable really!
Aanyway, The exchange of breath between fire dragons is actually commonly a demonstration of friendship or affection, typically without injury given their natural tolerance for it. However, Edan isn't a fire dragon (What kind he is will be coming up soon!) and it's kind of part of their culture that you don't go around throwing fire at non-fires, or whatever, as it's typically taken as a sign of disrespect, so it's not normally something you'd see in a "friendly" bit of sparring like this!
Okay, I'll leave it there, honestly a lot of stuff like this gets explained much later anyway, but for this one, I kind of wanted to explain it here early, since it'd probably seem a little weird for Edan to be so surprised by the stream of fire!
Still slow updates, but I seem to be improving a little right now, should hopefully be back to full speed soon (Still another 5-6 pages I want to get through before the end of the month!)
Left on 4-10 Flamethrower
14th Feb 2017
Updates may be a little slowed for a time, kind of stuck with some side effects of anxiety meds right now, making it pretty difficult to get anything done! Should hopefully clear up soon!
Aaaanyway, yeah, if it wasn't that clear from the last page, they flew off to the skies above some of the relatively empty fields out behind the rocky area the cave is in, well, empty apart from some trees that is!
Ugh, I had to try and tweak some panels here, and it kind of didn't quite work. Still, at least one of them is an improvement over what it was originally, I don't even want to get into what went wrong with that! Looking now, I really should have fixed up that last one too, but I guess the point of it is there at least!
Left on 4-9 Struggle
12th Feb 2017
Hehe, I wouldn't expect anything quite as epic as that! :p
Left on 4-8 Fly