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Comic profile: Dragon City
Dragon City
Dragons! Dragons everywhere!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Number of comics: 1304
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Comic description

Millions of years ago, a comet wiped out the dinosaurs, but the dragons who were living along side them went underground and stayed there. And now we see the civilization that has come about from those refuges in a current day story.


Most recent comments left on Dragon City

4th Mar 2015
Alright, so with the closing of this story arc, I feel it's the right time to announce the end of Dragon City. I really didn't want it lasting past ten years, so I'm ending it after 1 or 2 more story arcs (and probably some fillers between). I'm hoping to get it closer to the actual anniversary of the comic. If it goes over or comes a little shy, that's okay.

I'm sad to see the characters go, but I'll be glad the comic is over. One or two dragons will make an appearance in Jix at one point, though. Speaking of which, Jix will go to two comics a week after DC ends and I may replace DC with a story based comic. (Kind of like what Dragon City Stories or Henchman No. 9.)
Left on 1304. Natasha's Boyfriend 13: The Mark of the Dragon
2nd Mar 2015
Well, that's not entirely true. Erin and Natasha have every similar thought processes. They're just not very good at the game.

The main difference (as I stated back in the Earth B story arc), other than the scale color, is that Natasha has a filter on her thoughts and actions that Erin doesn't. Natasha is very much the same as Erin, she just doesn't act on those thoughts or say the things Erin does. But of course, no one other than Erin and Natasha realizes this. (Which explains Matt's comment on Natasha being the saner of the two dragons.)

Well, that and Natasha isn't hazardous to computers.

That being said, the two Matts are probably have a lot more in common than Erin and Natasha do.
Left on 1303. Natasha's Boyfriend 12: Game Night
25th Feb 2015
Sorry for the late comic.

Nice save, Matt.
Left on 1302. Natasha's Boyfriend 11: Lucky Dragon
Andore Mordre
23rd Feb 2015
Andore Mordre
I guess alternate realities and aliens are fine, but quaddragons are too weird.
Left on 1301.Natasha's Boyfriend 10: The Arrival
23rd Feb 2015
Elizabeth and Tibis weren't invited to this. They're out with Beatrix.

Can't let this other Matt know about all of that stuff right now. Baby steps.
Left on 1301.Natasha's Boyfriend 10: The Arrival