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Comic profile: Dragon City
Dragon City
Dragons! Dragons everywhere!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 1268
Number of subscribers: 26
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Rating: 4.77 (138 votes)

Comic description

Millions of years ago, a comet wiped out the dinosaurs, but the dragons who were living along side them went underground and stayed there. And now we see the civilization that has come about from those refuges in a current day story.


Most recent comments left on Dragon City

29th Oct 2014
Whoops, that was a merged rewrite.
Left on 1268: Erin's Movie 31: Halloween '14
29th Oct 2014
"She called used your full first name."

Also, Erin must have padded those; there's no way she could pull off a costume with that even with thick chest scales.
Left on 1268: Erin's Movie 31: Halloween '14
29th Oct 2014
Okay, so...these costumes should be fairly easy to recognize, but for some reason if they aren't:

-Matt is 80s cartoon Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

-Erin is 80s cartoon April O'Neil (same series)

-Beatrix is New 52 Supergirl. Honestly, I wouldn't draw this costume on a human girl her age, but given that female dragons don't wear clothes, I didn't feel weird about it.
Left on 1268: Erin's Movie 31: Halloween '14
27th Oct 2014
What do you think? Did Matt do it?
Left on 1267. Erin's Movie 30: Accusations
sir_chewie (Guest)
22nd Oct 2014
and it's easier to make a home movie out of it with the camera(s) all set up
Left on 1266. Erin's Movie 29: Exec