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Comic profile: Empires of Steam
Empires of Steam
A steampunk adventure.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 191
Number of subscribers: 20
Visitors: 42771 visitors (131260 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.7 (10 votes)

Comic description

Empires of Steam is a steampunk(ish) webcomic, set in an alternate 1860 where Automatons are common and secrets are commoner. Tom Jeffries, a wealthy industrialist, professor of engineering, and head of a major Automaton development company, finds himself dealing with an outpouring of the secrets his mentor and adoptive father, Harold Shellers, was holding onto when his will is read. Tom is swept into a current of secret organizations, powerful technology, and personal grudges, and has to find a way to handle the responsibility Harold has passed down to him without allowing the world around him to crumble.


I like comics and video games oh man am I ever original.
I also like butts.

Most recent comments left on Empires of Steam

23rd Mar 2017
This lighting color palette's a lot of fun to use.
Coloring video is here!
Left on 5:38
17th Mar 2017
Love drawing these stark black areas! So much fun.
Coloring video is available here!
Left on 5:37
9th Mar 2017
This page was a lot of fun to draw. I wanted to do a lot of high-contrast shadows, to show a really visceral effect of the burning airship on its environment.
I mean, there's going to be a more obvious effect on its environment when the thing crashes and sets everything else on fire. But I wanted to draw it like this.
I recorded the coloring process for this page; you can find it here.
Left on 5:36
2nd Mar 2017
No comic this week, folks. I've got some personal things to deal with, so I need to take some time for that. I promise one next week, though!
Left on 5:35
23rd Feb 2017
I'm no expert here, but that doesn't look good.
Left on 5:35