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Comic profile: The Warlock Act
The Warlock Act
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 19
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Comic description

In a nation gripped by fear, a silent revolution's only hope is a young man with a haunting terminal illness. It's a race against both the clock and the corrupt government. A new president has put millions of people in danger. Can Adrian save their lives before the virus takes his?

March Update Schedule: Saturday

Tags: action, fantasy, horror, romance, low fantasy, blood, violence, body horror, language, diversity, lgbt, ghost, paranormal, anarchy, punk, conspiracy, dictator, revolution, healthcare, government, dystopia, modern witch, witchcraft, wicca, magic, warlock



Most recent comments left on The Warlock Act

27th Feb 2017
Sorry about the late update, guys, I've had a lot of stuff to deal with. Doctor's appointments and court paperwork and writing conferences.

You ever just feel completely judged by a doctor asking you routine questions?
You ever just lose all hope in your nation's healthcare system?
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Guest (Guest)
19th Feb 2017
I love this! the cursing thing is how I react when someone hurts my friends too. (I don't do it because of my own religious stuff but I'm always suggesting it to my friends who do witchy stuff.) I also suggested we exorcise our fridge for good measure after cleaning it out. I mean, petty? or reasonable tbh
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17th Feb 2017
Some things (IVs are attached to your veins) we learn the hard way. Some things (today's mistake is tomorrow's terminal diagnosis) we should never have to learn.
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14th Feb 2017
Not an official update, but here's how Gwen spends her Valentine's Days. Just in case the love of her life wakes up that day.
(I meant to have this done earlier but I had stuff come up D: Happy Valentine's Day!)
Left on Valentine's Day 2017
14th Feb 2017
Those are the only types of cards I'll accept if I end up in the hospital
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