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Kingdom of the Red Rose
A journey to discover one's true idenity and power.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 70
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 146 visitors (1744 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.88 (65 votes)

Comic description

Death is not one entity.
There are five thousand and one Grim Reapers responsible for collecting and escorting souls between two reals of existence; life and the afterlife.
We follow Griffin the newest, youngest and most curious of all the Grim Reapers as he discovers the truth about his identity and the true power he possess.


Copper Mouflon
Copper Mouflon
Copper Mouflon is a cooperation between a writer and an artist for the creation of comics and graphic novels that will have you turning for the next page (or scrolling for the next frame) with anticipation and excitement.

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Most recent comments left on Kingdom of the Red Rose

...(RockB) (Guest)
25th Mar 2017
I just found this today.

Beautiful comic! Art-wise and story-wise!

(I'd say that it has something smooth & dark (<- well that's obvious, but I mean behind the obvious) in it, the dark part is something I'm usually not a fan of but here it is somehow... sprinkled with hope? Well, so far I love it.)
Left on Page 064
Copper Mouflon
24th Mar 2017
Copper Mouflon
Our new comic "Last Moments" is up!

You can read it here:
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Copper Mouflon
24th Mar 2017
Copper Mouflon
Thank you so much!
We really appreciate hearing your thoughts and views on the story so far :)
Left on Page 064
24th Mar 2017
"Intriguing --"
This is a good end for the first issue. So far the story is strong and the situations are interesting. Obviously, there are some questionable storytelling decisions on pages twenty-nine to thirty-four or so, but if those hurdles were overcome then this story could reach a wide audience. Nice work!
Left on Page 064
Copper Mouflon
24th Mar 2017
Copper Mouflon
That's correct Wargyrl, that's exactly the sequence we choose to show between this page and the next.

We understand why it has confused you, but it was something we wanted to show in that specific sequence.
We will of course take all your comments into consideration and mull over them as we continue to create comics in the future.

Thank you for all the comments and we are happy and excited that you enjoyed the story so far and have so many nice things to say about it!
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