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Comic profile: Pewfell
The Epic Fantasy Sitcom
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 22nd Jun 2016
Number of comics: 1084
Number of subscribers: 125
Visitors: 292815 visitors (1738484 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (89 votes)

Comic description

Pewfell is a webcomic about a worthless wizard, his warrior wife, and the little blue gnome who hates him. It's written and illustrated by me, Chuck Whelon, and script-doctored by my invaluable dogsbody, Adam Prosser.


Hi, I'm Chuck Whelon, the creator of Pewfell. I draw the strip and do most of the writing & coloring too. I live in San Francisco, California and was born & raised in Basingstoke, England.

Pewfell is a comic fantasy comic that follows the amazing adventures of an inept wizard, his warrior princess wife, and the small blue gnome who squats in their basement. All characters are fictitious, except the ones in the strip, who are all mostly based on people I know.

I created the series for no better reason than as an excuse to doodle goofy looking monsters and chainmail bikinis. The strip has evolved over the years as I've experimented with different formats and developed my artistic style, but my main aim has always been to have laugh.

Some of my inspirations for Pewfell include the comic strip work of E.C. Segar (Popeye), Goscinny & Uderzo (Asterix), Gilbert Shelton (The Freak Brothers) and the books of Terry Pratchett (Discworld).

Most recent comments left on Pewfell

Mel (Guest)
20th Dec 2016
Quite a few British "swear" words. :D
Left on Volume 1, Book 3, Page 13
18th Feb 2016
"The Pewfell Kickstarter ends this afternoon! "
The Pewfell Kickstarter ends this afternoon! Back it at to get a copy of "Pewfell in Green Achers" in which you will find out how Bish ended up with squirrels on the brain.
Left on Pewfell Vol. 6, Book 1, Page 15/24
7th Jan 2016
We're back, baby!Apologies for the long hiatus. From now on I'm going to be on a twice a week schedule - every Wed & Fri. If you want more Pewfell faster, go back us for a buck @ Pewfell needs Patrons!
Left on Pewfell Vol 6, Book 1, Cover
9th Sep 2015
Ack! Thanks for catching that!!
Left on Volume 5, Book 3, p11
2nd Sep 2015
no eye patch in panel one.... ?
Left on Volume 5, Book 3, p11