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Comic profile: Pokemon Warpers
Pokemon Warpers
Trapped on a world where pokemon are real, two humans from our universe must find a way to return home and along the way discover that this is more than just a game...
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 327
Number of subscribers: 44
Visitors: 47422 visitors (339151 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.83 (148 votes)

Comic description

Two humans from our universe get trapped in a world of pokemon. Wacky hijinks ahoy!


T/S Productions
T/S Productions
Born in the early 90s and still spend half my time there. Stopped aging about 7 years ago. Studied filmmaking but haven't made anything in a couple of years and have kinda shut myself away in the dark unpopular corner of youtube gamers.
Was on here a lot a while back but fell into the dark void that pokemon spriters do. But now I'm back!

Most recent comments left on Pokemon Warpers

T/S Productions
21st Jan 2017
T/S Productions
Growltikes still a baby hence his off speech patterns. Imagine the untranslated words being like baby talk so Shaun's pokemon translator can't recognise them.

Also, votes still out on the page layout. Might make a specific test page to give you an idea of both and see what works.
Will also ask sir Kristian of T.I.T his opinion when I see him next. Unless you read this and can be arsed to comment xD.
Left on S2E1P18: Sniffing out the problem
T/S Productions
20th Jan 2017
T/S Productions
So, yeah. Remembering only Shaun can understand the pokes

And the consensus is still out on the layout.
Its 1v1 ATM...

I've completed all of episode 1 and part of 2 anyways so the layout change wouldn't happen for a bit.
Left on S2E1P17: Timmy's back in that well.
shadowmwape (Guest)
19th Jan 2017
I am in chrome and i had to zoom out.
Left on S2E1P16: Doctor who?
19th Jan 2017
Seems alright to me.
Left on S2E1P16: Doctor who?
T/S Productions
19th Jan 2017
T/S Productions
Shaun's bringing doctor back! But probably best not to use it against an actual doctor

Also, serious note. A question. Is the layout way too long? Does anyone recon it would be better with a 2 across 10/8 down sort of thing? I want to keep the panels the same size and about the same amount because the size allows things to be seen as well as mugshots and the amount of panels help keep my for TV writing style at a decent pace...

I don't have a size problem on my screen and my tablet auto zooms so its never bothered me, but does anyone with smaller screens get annoyed with scrolling across and down?
Left on S2E1P16: Doctor who?