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Comic profile: Rain
A story for boys, girls and everyone in between.
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago
Number of comics: 866
Number of subscribers: 503
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Rating: 4.94 (3281 votes)

Comic description

Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage transgender girl named Rain, as she attempts to go through her senior year in high school identifying only as a woman. Along the way, she makes friends with an eclectic bunch of people of varying orientations and gender identities. See their stories filled with silly humor, teenage angst, occasional adult angst, copious amounts of love triangles, mockery of product names, complex relationships, tons and tons of dialogue, and sometimes a cute, little bunny. How can you go wrong, right?

I hope you all like it!

This story contains roughly PG-13 content.
- Occasionally strong language
- Sexual themes and situations (but no nudity)
- Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender characters (among countless others)
- Lousy or non-existent backgrounds
- Occasionally triggering scenes


My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I feel like it's a little pointless for me to mention this since I'm on a webcomic site, but I'm an artist and a writer. My comic, "Rain", a dramedy is about a teenage trans girl. I should probably mention that I myself am a trans girl too. As such, the comic is a bit of a personal story to me.

When I'm not drawing/writing, I enjoy gaming (especially RPGs and retro games), anime (my tastes are pretty eclectic) and heavy metal (or more particularly, epic/symphonic metal).

Most recent comments left on Rain

25th Aug 2016
Dose Ana have two different eye colors??
Left on Four weeks post-op update
human242 (Guest)
25th Aug 2016
OMG Steins;Gate XD
Left on Fanart Doodles
Jenny (Guest)
25th Aug 2016
"Well, if we're sharing..."
I just wanted to thank you for this. I found this a couple of months ago.

Asperger's so social stuff is kind of hard for me to wrap my brain around...and re: trans stuff re the general public? That's relatively recent. I'm young enough that you'd think I'd know about this but no.

Finding resources is hard enough....resources written to have figured out accessibility issues...yeah, no.

Then I found your comic and thought you might look to know that I've been using it to sort of home-community-college myself on intersection stuff - as a social story.

Left on Four weeks post-op update
Lyn the Mysfortunate (Guest)
25th Aug 2016
Just want to wish you good luck and a speedy recovery. I also want to thank you for sharing your experiences. They won't affect me personally, as I'm bio-sex female, but I think they will and already have done a lot of good for a lot of people. I'm genderfluid and pretty much have to educate everyone I meet on what it means, so I know educating people can be exhausting, and I'm really greatfull that you chose to take on this burden to help others. I also really love your webcomic. I've been reading for years and it's still by far my favorite comic in any medium. I've reread it at least ten times and do so anytime someone says something transphobic or otherwise ignorant because it makes me feel so much better. Thank you again, for Rain and for everything else.
Left on Four weeks post-op update
guest (Guest)
24th Aug 2016
Aaaagh. Horrid shades of Jerry Springer! I only ever call it GRS or at the very least GCS.

What I was referring to above as to the advanced option for GRS ...

“We cultured, expanded and seeded epithelial and muscle cells onto biodegradable scaffolds,” the study states. “The organs were constructed an allowed to mature in an incubator in a facility approved for human-tissue manufacturing.”

There's no reason they couldn't use the same process to grow cervix and uterus from a patient's own cells. Possibly even fallopian tubes and ovaries as well.

If not that then there is another process where they take a pig's bladder and strip all the DNA out of the cells. That tissue is then shaped to what is desired to be grown. Then placed within the patient's body in the appropriate location. The patient's own stem cells are drawn to the structure to grow the desired organ or tissue. ~~ Discover magazine July/August 2010

Damn it! I want to be a mommy!

I might also need to have new adrenals (maybe kidneys also but not necessarily) and perhaps another organ or two grown to have some organs in youthful state so as to assure resiliency and optimal physical condition.
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