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Comic profile: the pirate balthasar
the pirate balthasar
Pirates like you've never seen'em before!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 1779
Number of subscribers: 160
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Rating: 4.97 (243 votes)

Comic description

Wilson Kane wins a fortune and his future bride at a game of dice from the former pirate Balthasar. When he decides to go and get the girl, the pirate way, by kidnapping her, not only he finds out that she is more than a pirate could ever want from a wife... but that she has 4 identical sisters as well. This discovery hits him when his men, who were supposed to help him out, each kidnaps a different girl... and none of them gets the right one! But Wilson Kane wants the girl he had met and no one else! Luckily for him it will be the girl herself to solve his problem and put an end to his dilemma... a solution that will eventually fling her into a new life, aboard the Alidivento, across the Mediterranean Sea.


Most recent comments left on the pirate balthasar

27th Jan 2015
That's a twist/surprise but I promise to answer your question :) (it has to do with the "not entering people's life uninvited" thing and More)
Left on TGMS - Chapter 4 - page 8
25th Jan 2015
Ooooh, his intrigues me as well... :D
Also, I like how not even Circe's direct orders are enough to change the minds of people who work in the Circeius.
Left on TGMS - Chapter 4 - page 8
17th Jan 2015
Sorry for keeping you waiting guys, I've had an extremely busy week at work.
Left on TGMS - Chapter 4 - Page 5
Mahnarch (Guest)
9th Jan 2015
Women be bi...ooosses..

Bosses. That was what I was gonna say.

Left on TGMS - Chapter 4 - Page 2
8th Jan 2015
Oh, Gemma, why you so mean to Kane? XP
Left on TGMS - Chapter 4 - Page 2