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The Secrets of the Afterlife
/i\ Read from right to left. /i\ Updates every month, on the 7th.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 7th Dec 2016
Number of comics: 97
Number of subscribers: 51
Visitors: 28673 visitors (151137 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.95 (59 votes)

Comic description

/i\ This story is a yuri manga : it pictures romantic and sexual relationships between girls. /i\

Alternative name : Les Secrets de l'Au-Delà

Genres : Romance, Drama, Yuri, Comedy, Ecchi, Mature, School Life, Shoujo Ai

Author : NoiV

Artist : NoiV

Summary :
When Anya falls from the sky, her life is already over. She reaches the ground, amnesiac and naked, of a little village in Japan. Quiet place in appearance, Nakamura's village might be as weird as its new resident. What is Anya's secret ? What's with that place full of women ? How can we have a normal life when all we remember about is Death ?

/i\Read from right to left./i\


Parody Summary of Chapter 1:
[Inspired by this thread.]
Anya: Hello I'm naked and lost
Anya: I'm also really weird and dead
Miyako: BYE
Nanaho: Hello I like dead people
June: I quit.
Nanaho: But she's hot
June: F/ck yeah
Nanaho: Bring her to school
June: F/ck no
Anya: *non-existing tears*
June: bitches


I won't take the easy road ♪

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Most recent comments left on The Secrets of the Afterlife

a random reader (Guest)
22nd Jan 2017
"wait what?"
i thought only girls were on this island, or are those cross dressers?
Left on Chapter 4 page 5
a random reader (Guest)
22nd Jan 2017
"quick question"
is this comic going to stay sfw?
I never have really read yuri but most bl comics eventually come or are nsfw.
(I personally enjoy more sfw stuff, but ocassional nsfw scenes in a comic is ok. I just dont care for straight 24/7 sexy time that never gets a legit plot).
like how this story is headed though, keep up the good work. [this is your first webcomic right? it's pretty good for being your first one]
Left on --
7th Jan 2017
Fixed! Thanks~
Left on Chapter 4 page 6
7th Jan 2017
Missing word: know in second to last panel...
Left on Chapter 4 page 6
26th Dec 2016
Do they? Aw, I'm glad. >u<
Left on Chapter 3 page 3