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Comic profile: Violent Blue
Violent Blue
Because aquamarine is just boring
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
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Last update: 3 days ago
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A retrogamer, A comic fan, a punk Grrrl and a mean squirrel deal with life, pop culture, God and each other.


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15th Oct 2014
Seriously though, didn't we all feel a little bit punked by the news?

It's the curse of the information age really. Someone makes a light-hearted off-the-cuff quip and the news outlets latch on to it like it's news. The same thing happened not too long ago with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi regarding an Army of Darkness 2.
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13th Oct 2014
I know it's the modern model, but honestly the continuity and arc driven programs actually drive me away from a lot of TV. It killed the ned of DS9 for me and kept me from watching Breaking Bad or Arrow. It kept me from Walking Dead for a VERY long time. I finally jumped on baord when they were marathoning it on AMC - making it easy to catch up. I keep with it because my wife watches it with me and actually gets excited about it.
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8th Oct 2014
Yes I'm making a broad sweeping generalization. I'm doing so based on personal experience. I've never seen naked women as wallpapers or just sitting around on the desktop, but he number of naked dudes on the wallpaper and scattered all over the computers of so many of my gay customers is quite frankly astonishing. You know I'm going to be working on your PC, please put a puppy dog on the wallpaper and perhaps tuck that set of "Twinks" photos away in the My Documents folder at least?
Left on Please hide it.
6th Oct 2014
IT was announced that Justin Bieber is playing the voice of KITT in an upcoming film. It's not really cannon, it looks like a spoof, but it certainly did set the internet ablaze for about ten minuets.
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3rd Oct 2014
I have in fact taken the bus to Flordia. From Cleveland to Orlando is about 24 hours, and yes I do have a friend down there!

That's it for this week, I'm off to Cinema Wasteland! Angelique from Tub of Terror is going to be there as well! Stop by and say hi!
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