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Comic profile: Violent Blue
Violent Blue
Because aquamarine is just boring
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 781
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A retrogamer, A comic fan, a punk Grrrl and a mean squirrel deal with life, pop culture, God and each other.


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19th Dec 2014
Seriously, have you seen this movie? I'm not making any of that up, all of this happens.


I'll be heading out around 9pm to Carol and John's comic shop for the annual Christmas party. If you want to pop in earlier that day though, starting right at 10am the following sales take place:

50% off ALL Back Issues
20% off ALL Graphic Novels
20% off ALL Action Figures, T-Shirts and Statues
10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop

but more importantly, All day long you will be able to participate in our art show / food drive for the Cleveland Food Bank (In conjunction with Pop The Comic Culture Club)

Bring in a can of food and get a ticket. (or) Donate a dollar and get a ticket. (They also do six tickets for $5) Tickets can be used in two ways. To buy comics out of the dollar bins or to be placed into a basket raffle to win custom covers by local artists including me. I've done up two covers and I would like nothing better than for one of my readers to walk away with one of them!

After the party, my daughter and I will be hopping over to White Castle at 3255 W. 117th St for our final trip there. They are closing down all the ones in Cleveland and while it's not a particular favortie, i'll still kind of missit (I always went when I had coupons).

Finally, we'll be heading out to the Capitol Theatre for the midnight showing of Batman Returns, a great Christmas movie in it's own right!

If you catch me at any of these stops, tap me on the shoulder and say hi! I hope to see as many of my Cleveland area readers there as I can!
Left on Santa vs the Devil
15th Dec 2014
I actually did this piece a few years ago, but recently it occurred to me how I could incorporate this into a strip....
Left on Christmas Angels
Gerry Lee (Guest)
12th Dec 2014
"My Joke is Worse:)"
"Noel, Noel,
Noel, Noel!
Born is the King of Israe!"

Get it?
Left on Noel
12th Dec 2014
The Worship leader at my Church made this joke during practice on Wednesday night and it was too bad not to show up here....
Left on Noel
10th Dec 2014
I've occasionally been asked this question. At my age now, I'm a little too jaded and anti-social, and more's the pity.
Left on Why not?