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Comic profile: Violent Blue
Violent Blue
Because aquamarine is just boring
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 27th Apr 2016
Number of comics: 902
Number of subscribers: 30
Visitors: 98744 visitors (781192 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.9 (419 votes)

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A retrogamer, A comic fan, a punk Grrrl and a mean squirrel deal with life, pop culture, God and each other.


Most recent comments left on Violent Blue

27th Apr 2016
You know what that is? That's the initial sketches for the Violent Blue Spin-Off, hopefully coming this fall! Stay tuned for more details!
Left on It's coming
11th Nov 2015
You guys know I've done National Novel Writing month in the past, and the result was the first Violent Blue Novel "Coffee, Rock Bands and Superman" which takes place after the series end. (It's still available at

This year we're heading into the future, about ten years after that last strip. I'm hoping to have the second draft done by the end of the year.

New Violent Blue is still coming.
Left on National Novel Writing Month
25th Sep 2015
Hail and Farewell? Enjoyed the ride and was hoping there would be a reunion down the road.
Left on The End
25th Sep 2015
God damn, man.

Long time admirer, first time subscriber.

Having a plan, following it through--that sets you into the rarefied air that very few webcomic artists ever breathe. You have done great work at great cost.

I salute you and wish you the best on your further endeavors!
Left on The End
25th Sep 2015
Today's the day. I don't quite know whether to throw a party or a wake.
I'm going to miss seeing these characters every week, taking my moments to comment on Pop culture, film and comics.
Six years. That is a great portion of time. Longer than High School or College. Longer than I've stayed at any job. It's going to be very strange to wake up Monday morning and not have new Violent Blue to share. Strange and a little sad.
Yet this shouldn't be a reason for sadness. We did it. All of you who joined me on this journey, we made it - we hit the finish line and finally made it to the very ending that I had planned for this story when I began work on it in August of 2009.
This story has always been planned with a beginning, middle and end. The plan was always about five years long, though there was a bit of time where I was sure we were going to end in four years instead. I can barely believe that we find ourselves at the end, 900 comics and six years later.
Working in the long form has been unlike anything else I've ever done, and even though this is the end of this story, I'm certain it's not the end of the road for these characters. There's already one novel out that takes place about a year or so after the comic (you can find it here :, and I'm pretty sure I've got at least one more book in me (not to mention the first draft sitting on my computer that I've never gotten around to polishing) and perhaps even a short spin off series next year. Chloe Steve and Taylor aren't done whispering in my ear yet...the voices may be even stronger now joined by unexpected friends like Aimee, Jen, Lisa, Jamie, Bob, and all the others we've gathered along the way.
Thank you to everyone who has followed us, and I hope you'll be around for whatever comes next.
Left on The End