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New News & Announcements
Here, the admins post news and also announcements.
154 5432 Kyo needs a rebound
On 3rd Oct 2015, 9:07 PM by Kyo
New ComicFury Problems, critique and suggestions
If you are having any problems with the site, don't like something or have a suggestion to improve the usability or comfortability of the site, make a thread in here
1953 15863 Edit-problems
Yesterday, 6:00 AM by lirvilas
New Layouts, HTML, CSS & Javascript
The forum for those who want to go professional with their webcomics on ComicFury
663 3545 Need Help Creating Layout. Willing To Make Art In Exchange For Help
On 6th Oct 2015, 6:51 AM by Headlines
New Shameless Advertisement
Advertise your comics here.
5208 49668 Post the image of your newest page!
Today, 9:57 AM by smbhax
New Webcomic & Art discussion
Here you can talk about webcomics and art in general. Preposterous.
2710 80335 Seen any moody, ambient comics?
Today, 10:01 AM by Edward Carter
New Critique
Here the critics criticize comics craving to be criticized by critics and the comicists crave for critique by the critics. Critique.
1256 19042 Amateur Crits
Today, 7:05 AM by Shirokuro
New Co-Authors offered/wanted
This is where you go looking for co.-authors. Or authors. Or subordinates. No kinky stuff.
678 5147 Wanted: A minion!
Today, 12:17 AM by lirvilas
New Community Projects
This is where you go to post stuff about community collaborations and joint efforts!
287 14748 I'll draw your character
Today, 9:04 AM by FPB
Everything else
New Introductions
Hi, I'm Daisy!
1931 29078 hello hello!!
Today, 9:24 AM by lirvilas
New General discussion
Discussion about any topic that can be discussed about.
2042 57570 Happy Birthday is no longer copyrighted!
Today, 2:32 AM by Kralex
New Mediterranean Avenue
The casual chat forum. "Worthless" or bloggy threads, and anything else. Feel free to just chat or try to start a valuable discussion about politics.
4362 154826 The srs bsns thread
Today, 8:05 AM by Karda the Green
New Forum games
There are two kinds of people in this world; The kind that likes forum games, and the kind that doesn't. Society must divide.
659 123027 Mafia LXII: Mafia in Westeros
Today, 8:30 AM by inky
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