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New News & Announcements
Here, the admins post news and also announcements.
129 4356 Matt is beautiful like an eagle, fierce like a stallion and kind, like a doe
On 25th Nov 2014, 3:15 PM by XibalbanSleeper
New ComicFury Problems, critique and suggestions
If you are having any problems with the site, don't like something or have a suggestion to improve the usability or comfortability of the site, make a thread in here
1761 14478 "I wouldn't do that..."
Yesterday, 3:44 AM by Nama
New Layouts, HTML, CSS & Javascript
The forum for those who want to go professional with their webcomics on ComicFury
571 3159 CSS Newbie
On 25th Nov 2014, 1:06 PM by Sivrus
New Shameless Advertisement
Advertise your comics here.
4589 39274 Tell us about your newest page! Comment on the one above first!
Today, 6:41 AM by Alicia the Bard
New Webcomic & Art discussion
Here you can talk about webcomics and art in general. Preposterous.
2078 59210 looking for comics to draw fanart of.. [SFW]
Today, 7:46 AM by UndeadMastermind
New Critique
Here the critics criticize comics craving to be criticized by critics and the comicists crave for critique by the critics. Critique.
1105 16734 I'm doing critiques!
Today, 6:04 AM by noctuidae
New Co-Authors offered/wanted
This is where you go looking for co.-authors. Or authors. Or subordinates. No kinky stuff.
589 4597 Help offer - science/technology consultant
Yesterday, 2:54 PM by GMan003
New Community Projects
This is where you go to post stuff about community collaborations and joint efforts!
69 5746 Comic Jam 2014
Today, 6:51 AM by dpat57
Everything else
New Introductions
Hi, I'm Daisy!
1700 25847 Hi i'm Rosie :o
Today, 2:47 AM by aaronmocksing
New General discussion
Discussion about any topic that can be discussed about.
1676 45964 If you could unlearn something
Today, 7:27 AM by UndeadMastermind
New Mediterranean Avenue
The casual chat forum. "Worthless" or bloggy threads, and anything else. Feel free to just chat or try to start a valuable discussion about politics.
3491 147157 I'm bored...
Today, 7:58 AM by Sivrus
New Forum games
There are two kinds of people in this world; The kind that likes forum games, and the kind that doesn't. Society must divide.
528 97079 CB-BR Pure RP Thread
Today, 7:23 AM by Deo
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