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New News & Announcements
Here, the admins post news and also announcements.
148 5184 rotating banners
On 24th Jun 2015, 4:04 PM by MadJak91
New ComicFury Problems, critique and suggestions
If you are having any problems with the site, don't like something or have a suggestion to improve the usability or comfortability of the site, make a thread in here
1918 15619 Option to let other members see our comic subscriptions list.
Yesterday, 2:31 PM by Reaper Dragon
New Layouts, HTML, CSS & Javascript
The forum for those who want to go professional with their webcomics on ComicFury
645 3442 adding picture in artist comments
Yesterday, 7:11 PM by Jessie Blue
New Shameless Advertisement
Advertise your comics here.
5009 46660 Tell us about your newest page! Comment on the one above first!
Today, 8:23 AM by gideonland
New Webcomic & Art discussion
Here you can talk about webcomics and art in general. Preposterous.
2525 73865 What to do with extra lore?
Today, 9:12 AM by Damatris
New Critique
Here the critics criticize comics craving to be criticized by critics and the comicists crave for critique by the critics. Critique.
1214 18379 Offering critiques for any kind of feedback
Yesterday, 11:01 PM by Fabian W.
New Co-Authors offered/wanted
This is where you go looking for co.-authors. Or authors. Or subordinates. No kinky stuff.
652 5033 Established Team Needs Colorist
On 27th Jun 2015, 3:03 AM by joeyjoeyjoey
New Community Projects
This is where you go to post stuff about community collaborations and joint efforts!
200 11628 ComicFury 'Fail Barbeque' Collaboration
Today, 8:51 AM by JammyTheWerewolf
Everything else
New Introductions
Hi, I'm Daisy!
1865 28242 Finjix reporting in
Today, 7:12 AM by Kelly McMains
New General discussion
Discussion about any topic that can be discussed about.
1930 54008 Did Leonardo Davinci use the camera obscura technique to create the Mona Lisa?
Today, 9:19 AM by frettle
New Mediterranean Avenue
The casual chat forum. "Worthless" or bloggy threads, and anything else. Feel free to just chat or try to start a valuable discussion about politics.
4108 164438 Complain about the heat
Today, 9:19 AM by killersteak
New Forum games
There are two kinds of people in this world; The kind that likes forum games, and the kind that doesn't. Society must divide.
628 115317 Mafia LIX Signups
Today, 8:54 AM by AAABatteries
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