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[S] [C][N] How to do this thing 2932 15 Kyo By MatthewJA on 26th May 2015
[N] Critters looking for fan art trades 117 3 Allan Dotson By Allan Dotson, Yesterday
[N] Poor colourist looking for work :P 119 2 WillColor By Lt. Locust on 14th Feb 2017
[N] New writer, trying to make connections and possibly work on a project 149 6 Xeoxed By Xeoxed on 6th Feb 2017
[N] Help wanted for colorist!!! 116 2 Reheat By Xigirl on 4th Feb 2017
[N] Wanted: Writer 100 1 -braincells By -braincells on 1st Feb 2017
[N] Team of Hobbyists Searching For Talented Artist for Superhero Comic 207 7 Chocolate Muse By Babble_ON on 1st Feb 2017
[N] Searching for an editor 52 1 ArchivalMelon By ArchivalMelon on 1st Feb 2017
[N] Writer looking for Artist/Co-writer/Business Partner 140 2 dannycherry By Xigirl on 30th Jan 2017
[N] Shawn Milazzo Comic Writer 85 2 Shawnmilazzo By dustbunny-studios on 29th Jan 2017
[N] Help needed with character designs 211 10 Firebrand128 By Firebrand128 on 28th Jan 2017
[N] Looking for multiple artists and writers 322 11 Gargoyle By Gargoyle on 23rd Jan 2017
[C][N] Want artist to create a web comic 102 1 KebecMaslow By KebecMaslow on 22nd Jan 2017
[N] Guest comics for my hiatus! 161 3 Xigirl By Xigirl on 17th Jan 2017
[N] Anyone need guest strips? 151 8 haaaayes By CNM1654 on 16th Jan 2017
[C][N] artist looking for author/co-creator/partner-in-crime 192 2 ratlifter By ratlifter on 8th Jan 2017
[N] Author Looking For Artist 315 3 zeralul By zeralul on 31st Dec 2016
[N] Looking to Draw a Short Story For Someone - Paid 130 3 Toondoctor By dougwarner59 on 30th Dec 2016
[N] Author looking for Co-Authors and Artists! 240 9 Dardarus By JammyTheWerewolf on 27th Dec 2016
[N] Level 30 Psychiatrist looking for temporary colorist 169 4 Guybrush20X6 By Xigirl on 17th Dec 2016
[C][N] Guest pages needed 316 7 temclaughlin By Nama on 12th Dec 2016