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[N] adding youtube button and pop-up dialogue 93 4 UndeadMastermind By Kyo on 13th Jan 2015
[C][N] "Load my place" button broken in Firefox. 58 2 Edward Carter By Edward Carter on 9th Jan 2015
[N] Adding the ability to quote your outbox messages 51 1 JustNoPoint By JustNoPoint on 7th Jan 2015
[N] Forum Search 105 8 Nama By Thorsby on 7th Jan 2015
[N] URL Possibilities? 57 2 Feroxia By Sivrus on 7th Jan 2015
[N] ComicFury is very slow today. 229 15 Thorsby By argylefox on 4th Jan 2015
[N] comic reorder thing kinda screwed 87 3 killersteak By killersteak on 3rd Jan 2015
[N] Cannot add images when I work on an extra page. 32 1 MST3KFan By MST3KFan on 2nd Jan 2015
[N] Unwanted Unsubscribing on Threads 99 7 Bolderousness By VulturesUnderTheMoon on 1st Jan 2015
[N] Integrating the Load Page in Comic Profile 115 7 JustNoPoint By Sivrus on 31st Dec 2014
[N] Certain letters are flipping out in comic descriptions 169 8 Spelledeg By Kyo on 29th Dec 2014
[N] A way to view/link to tags, can't use search 45 1 Zanreo By Zanreo on 25th Dec 2014
[N] reopening a thread 69 2 ajl9324 By MatthewJA on 24th Dec 2014
[N] thread idea... 150 7 Lucy Licious By Lucy Licious on 20th Dec 2014
[N] Signature dimensions 89 3 Lucy Licious By Lucy Licious on 16th Dec 2014
[N] Can't log into the forums with my regular username. 171 6 Spearhafoc_ By Kyo on 15th Dec 2014
[C][N] Feature request/does this exist? 70 1 MatthewJA By MatthewJA on 11th Dec 2014
[C][N] has anyone else seen this happen in their stats? 289 13 Lore(-1) By Nama on 10th Dec 2014
[N] Spike in views 209 7 WaitWhat By ep1 on 9th Dec 2014
[N] Is there a way to filter out comics with certain flags? 135 4 Edward Carter By lirvilas on 3rd Dec 2014