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[S] [C][N] Critique forum rules [read this] 2438 10 Kyo By Nama on 26th Feb 2017
[N] Secret Reviewer 3.0 - Give a critique, get a critique! 181 19 snuffysam By Manika Gupta, Today
[N] How do I make my webcomic more interesting and get readers invested. 74 2 SpeedStream Comics By taikina, Today
[N] Is it normal to have my intro too long? 67 4 laopokia By Steven-Vincent, Today
[N] Sound Effect Critique/Help 211 13 Sovember By Sovember, Yesterday
[N] Proper Shading Techniques/Tips 150 6 Sovember By Sovember, Yesterday
[N] May I get some feedback on my writing? 31 1 SiriusLeeLost By SiriusLeeLost, Yesterday
[N] I need feedback! 33 1 Dylan D.... By Dylan D.... on 24th Mar 2017
[C][N] Bass-Ackwards Reviews
658 29 melaredblu By melaredblu on 24th Mar 2017
[N] 30 short reviews
1394 64 Pip By sketchdoll on 24th Mar 2017
[N] Doing Critiques 231 11 BMR By GrumpyLumpy on 22nd Mar 2017
[N] Review the Comic of the Person Above You
392 23 halibabica By halibabica on 22nd Mar 2017
[N] Style Change Help 119 9 SunnySideUpSmile By SunnySideUpSmile on 21st Mar 2017
[C][N] Secret Reviewer 2.0 - Give a critique, get a critique!
923 53 snuffysam By snuffysam on 21st Mar 2017
[N] 'nother poster critique. 134 8 joeyballast By joeyballast on 21st Mar 2017
[N] So hey, I wrote this, can anyone give it a look? 127 5 MrTorchy By MrTorchy on 21st Mar 2017
[N] Page Sizes 123 7 Pip By Pip on 19th Mar 2017
[N] I want to read your comic
2403 75 accrane By SMAComix on 19th Mar 2017
[N] Looking for some critique on these lines and colors 110 4 BMR By BMR on 18th Mar 2017
[N] Please review my webcomic, dudes 225 7 William Sometimes By William Sometimes on 17th Mar 2017
[N] A Webcomic A Day 46 1 hushicho By hushicho on 17th Mar 2017