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Registration date: 4th Aug 2009
Last seen: 24th Feb 2017, 7:56 PM
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Location: Minneapolis, MN USA
About me
Graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Comic Art. Additional work can be seen on my DA page, here!

Alicia's comics
The Old West has been overrun by werewolves. Every night the human population dwindles as more die or fall under the curse. "The Nightriders", a group of bounty hunters, have joined together to deal with the threat. With the help of a girl and her mysterious necklace, can they hope to overthrow the werewolves and bring peace to the night once again?
Last update: Yesterday
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Cowboys 'N Snakes
A webcomic of shenanigans starring some familiar characters. Updates whenever the authors feel like it.

Serpents of Old

"ADORABLE!" --ProfEtheric
"I'M ALL ABOUT THIS." --LeRenardRoux
"SO CUTE!" --Damatris
"A crossover sweet :D!" --Dollipop

Last update: 18th Apr 2016
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