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Registration date: 19th Sep 2016
Last seen: 23rd Feb 2017, 7:08 PM
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Location: United States
About me
My name is ArmyFrog and welcome to my little section of the web! I am a fifteen-year-old computer artist and spriter who enjoyes creating webcomics as a hobby.

ArmyFrog's comics
Quinn Silver
Seiven William Quinn is a free-lance amateur detective who takes on special cases addressed to his doorstep. As a scientific boom commences with the discovery of Stethro, a purple substance that allows physical objects to be printed on a holographic schematic, Quinn, along with being a detective, searches for rumored yet coveted book that dictates the mysterious origins of Stethro as well as a fortune left by a wealthy silver miner.

This comic has been put on hiatus so a well developed storyline can be established.

Last update: 29th Sep 2016
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Deep Dungeon
Welcome to the Deep Dungeon, the story of Flora, a fifteen year old girl, and Veomphavy, a mystical creature known as a lantern through their adventures in the Xeclefeu Dungeon in search for a legendary, SS rated treasure known as the Kelpf Gem. Little do our heroes know that the dungeon is not only dangerous, but it holds a terrible secret that would change the way Flora would see the world forever.
Last update: 30th Nov 2016
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