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Registration date: 12th Jan 2010
Last seen: 25th May 2016, 12:26 AM
Posts: 323
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Location: somewhere in the universe with Internet connection~
About me
I love tea and caffeinated sugar-milk (aka wimpy coffee?)in general. :D
Anything can inspire me, but getting all the ideas down is a different story.
"Questions? Comments?" Put them on the page! I'd love to hear from you!
When I'm not uploading to my webcomics, please look at my other works.
You are certainly welcome to stalk visit my other art sites:

ArtistXXY's comics
Piggy Perceptions
It's about this young piglet's perception of life.
Last update: 9 days ago
[Comic profile]
Love Amongst the Flowers
Ran likes girls because they are neat and clean. Yuriko likes reading GL comics. They are going to school by bus. Ran is sitting down, minding her own business when she notices a snot covered tissue suddenly falls on her lap. (Yuriko was reading a comic and got emotional so she blew her nose on it.) Ran hates germs so she gets very mad and yells at Yuriko. What's worse? They go to the same school and their adventures start from there.
Last update: 24th Mar 2016
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Cherished Memories
Feng Ling is a Chinese fairy dwelling in a forest on Earth. Her duty is to protect the forest animals. So far, all the forest animals are very happy under her care. One day, a happy little crow comes to visit her with a rice tribute. Little did he know, he was going to find out Feng Ling's deepest secret...her past! She has held on to it for decades...
NOTE: This is read LEFT to RIGHT. -----------------COMPLETED------------ -------

Last update: 27th Aug 2012
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What's in a Love Letter?
In the form of my piglet self, I'll tell you the story of what I thought was my first "crush". It is short and funny (or at least I'd like to think so.) Please enjoy.
Last update: 14th Dec 2012
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Blue Apple
Lisa Washington has a crush on Emmy Houston, and the fact that they are both girls drains Lisa's confidence to confess. Lisa feels if she were a boy, she could finally confess. Luckily, Will, Lisa's "Fairy Godbrother" (FGB for short) comes and grants Lisa's wish. Will Lisa finally gain happiness with her new identity?

Last update: 23rd Jul 2012
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This is a comic about my friend and her crush. Since it's a short 21 page manga... I had to tweak the details and cut out things from the actual events. I still think the idea is decent enough.
By the way, the title is "L.L.L." or L.L.Love (L*u L*u Love) because they actually have the same last names! That's all.

Last update: 25th Nov 2010
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Look No Further
Hana Tanichiyo is the main character. Tsukibasa is her childhood friend.
Hana is an orphan. Tsukibasa's grandma adopted her.
Enough background info... NOW MOVE ON TO THE STORY! XD--->
*NOTE: please read in MANGA style... (sorry if you have trouble)

Last update: 11th Oct 2010
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My Date With the Countries
For those of you who don't know Hetalia and those of you who forgot, here is a quick summary: Hetalia features countries as people with personalities reflecting the general culture or stereotypes of the culture. Some have a bit of the author's taste added to them. The setting was in WW2 but there has been an anime movie made set in the present/ future ("Paint It White").
This fan fiction was a gift to a friend. I hope to finish it by this/ next year.
Harmony is a woman who is still single. Though she lives comfortably, she wants to have a boyfriend. The next day, 10 countries from an anime she liked magically appear insisting they were required to date her. Will Harmony choose someone in the end? Or is this all just a one day adventure full of food, laughs and hot guys?
Reads RIGHT to LEFT.

Last update: 29th Oct 2012
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This is not a comic. This is more of a gallery. Some... or most of the art may be of characters from my comics though. Think of them as samples of my art.
Last update: 1st Oct 2012
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