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Registration date: 13th Apr 2014
Last seen: 28th Oct 2016, 3:46 AM
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In a World Where the Comic Book Industry take themselves way too seriously, one Company MUST make you CACkLE!

Primarily a stream of consciousness anthology that explores the Sequential Art Form in a lighthearted fashion

Last update: Today
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The Many Transitions of a Fugitive Invention
A COmic Collaboration where Everyone is Invited!

"La Quemaleona" a female SHAPE SHIFTER is persecuted by a 78 yr old senile detective: Plainclothes Peachtree

Last update: 4th Mar 2016
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Mr Wetherbee's Computer Co
Ryan Knight's 24 Hour Comic Challenge completed from 7:45am October 1st, 2016 to 7:30am October 2nd, 2016.
Last update: 5th Oct 2016
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Cackle'N Caricatures
Trying something new; always wanted to learn how to do these funny (sometimes grotesque) caricatures. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO IMPROVE. Thanks - RK
Last update: 12th Jul 2015
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The Undeniable Evidence Against The Super Awesome Happy Face Guy
In a world where costumed crime fighters are the leading technique in justice; it's most popular hero faces INCARCERATION!!!
Last update: 25th Mar 2016
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