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Registration date: 18th Nov 2013
Last seen: 27th Mar 2017, 6:49 PM
Posts: 1049
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Location: California
About me
I love drawing. I like cute/creepy stuff. I play too much Zelda. I hope you like my comics.
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HapyCow's comics
Abby Normal
Abby Normal is about a girl who became a zombie and now lives in an undead world. Humans are almost extinct, and all Abby really wants is a chance to be alive again. Is it worth it when everyone else is dead as well? She befriends a brain, a ghost, a mysterious shadow being and runs into other undead people as well.
Last update: 24th Aug 2016
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Summer Fan Art Exchange
56 people were randomly paired and drew each other fanart one summer day. Here it all is!
Last update: 21st Jun 2014
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IronGate is a webcomic by Michael Campbell and William Leighton with colors by Christiane HapyCow Rosin about a centuries old organization of the same name that stands against the horrifying, supernatural denizens of the dark threatening to devour our world. To gain an edge Director Marcus Thompson has created a special forces team of supernaturally afflicted people and appointed Luke Chase, not the top man in the organization, but one willing to give the idea a try, as their leader. The team has four other members besides, Amber "Embers" Benson, Father Jonathan Wright, Addison Constance Loveworth and Dorian Hallward.

TAGS: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Myth, Magic, Unsettling, Conjuring, Action, Violence, Scary, Adventure, Fear, Creepy,Terror, Haunted, Fright, Devil, Nightmare, Monsters, Gore, Blood, Vampire, Demon, Possession, Chains, Fairy, Fey, Fire, Burning, Ghosts, Secret Organization, Aliens, Superheros, Superpowers, Powers, Evil, Castle, Dark, Lovecraft

Last update: One week ago
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Abby Fanart
Thank you everyone who has been kind enough to draw my characters. It literally means so much to me. I love you guys.
Last update: 22nd May 2015
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Lunacy Fringe
Sometimes I just want to draw from my life. Here's some random comics about my random life experiences.
Last update: 7th Oct 2016
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