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JasonD's Profile

Registration date: 2nd Feb 2016
Last seen: 16th Jan 2017, 8:20 AM
Posts: 584
Comments left: 35
Ratings given: 3.12 / 85
Profile views: 1060
Location: Arizona
About me
I'm a cool dude with cool ideas.

Sometimes I do comics, mainly I do writing.

JasonD's comics
Garage Band
Writer/Illustrator: Jason Deano
Rating: 14+
(Includes minor sex and drug-related dialogue.)

Three kids in a rock band have trouble getting laid, finding beer, and making music.

Last update: 24th Jul 2016
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Old Style Beatdown
A comedy comic that takes boring gags and makes 'em funnier. Updates irregularly.

I only do comics that are semi-popular. No CAD, VG Cats, or Penny Arcade for example.

*If you're one of the creators for these comics and want them pulled, PM me a good enough reason and I'll take it down.*

Last update: 3rd Aug 2016
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