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Lee V.'s Profile
Lee V.

Registration date: 20th May 2011
Last seen: 26th Jan 2015, 7:26 PM
Posts: 1054
Comments left: 747
Ratings given: 5 / 462
Profile views: 3289
Location: South Dakota
About me

I'm a web programmer with a fascination for webcomics and the crazy idea that I'm talented enough to create one.

Lee V.'s comics
Ghost House
A story of a haunted house and the assortment of ghosts who call it home.
Last update: 2nd Oct 2014
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Elemental Souls
Elemental Souls is a action manga that follows the story of Kintaro "Kit" Parce. His life is turned upside down one day when his school is attacked and now he must go on a quest to not only bring the arsonist to justice but to bring any sense of normalcy back into his life and save the world in the process!
Last update: 15th Sep 2011
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Unoriginal Pokemon Comic
An unoriginal comic about the perils of a Pokemon trainer.
Last update: 28th Oct 2011
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A collection of short stories told exclusively through art.

*On Hiatus*

Last update: 22nd Jul 2011
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