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Registration date: 7th Sep 2014
Last seen: 24th Aug 2016, 9:18 AM
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Location: Germany
About me
*loves cats, beer, and walking in the forest ..and comics of course, have drawn them as long as I can remember. I enjoy any type, but I think I have a particular weak spot for science fiction, horror and fantasy.

And this is Algernon,
a ShadowFurian babygator :D

Miaubol's comics
Kordinar 25000
A perfect world turns into a pre-apocalyptic nightmare. What the **** went wrong? We were all happy ..? Can we fix this again? Or are we doomed now?

College student Alph Colla Borsoi Weller wants to become a sports journalist. Will he be successful in that, or will games, partying and general laziness make him fail? Tough battles ensue. But then he gets quite other things to worry about. Tougher battles ensue..

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