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invested in looking good

Registration date: 8th May 2011
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About me
hi i'm fools, i love to make comics, shitpost, and have a good time


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OnlyFoolsAndVikings's comics
Rosetta Phone
Kez is just some lady who finds herself mysteriously transported to Ancient Egypt, she has no idea what to do, no where to go and no way to get back, but thank god her phone is still working, and god bless her phone provider because the internet is still working. Kez is thrown into the thick of Ancient Egyptian politics and royalty and finds herself the centre of attention and using her phone, quickly becomes hailed as a prophet by the Pharaoh and his entourage.

Kez must keep pretending she’s some magic oracle and figure out a way back home or be caught lying and probably most likely fairly certainly be killed on the spot.

When her phone runs out of battery and she starts having to make up predictions, things start to go wrong.

Last update: 19th Jul 2015
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Demon woman Demon woman Demon woman Your hair is like silk But you're curdling my milk I know not of what ilk thou art Demon woman, woman demon Demon woman You sit on a rock Looking nice in your frock But you're scaring my livestock Demon woman, woman demon Demon woman You're making me moan Turn my bone into stone You're taking me home To meet your familiars Nice to meet you You cast your spell Very well Demon woman Ha ha ha ha ha ha Demon woman, woman demon Ha ha ha... Demon woman You cut puppies' toes off Pull an animal's nose off How'd you magic my clothes off? Demon woman Take me back to your room Make me howl at the moon Make me pray to the temple of womb Demon woman, woman demon Your breasts are balls of flame And I'm burning my hands playing these ball games Demon woman Demon woman (unholy woman) Demon woman, woman demon Ow woman wow wow wow Ow woman wow wow wow Devil in a cardigan Ow woman wow wow wow Ooh Aaaaaaaaaaah... Demon woman