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Registration date: 24th May 2012
Last seen: 29th Mar 2015, 5:56 AM
Posts: 5373
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Location: Starlands, Arlovia
About me
A mermaid/magical girl that draws things and likes ancient/dead stuff.

My main project is Xenobiosis, though I do occasionally update one of my side projects. I live in America.

Rinkel's comics
Born into a world where diversity is one of the more fearsome things imaginable, Lilith and the others of her species, Celestial Hybrids (or more commonly, Ladraseans) were exiled from their homeland. Forced to live alongside Poen, the one species that they both need and fear the most, they've developed a fairly peaceful coexistence with the Poenic populations defending the area from the fearsome creatures of the mountains and the Ladraseans providing defense against the sea.

But a wrench is thrown into this xenobiotic relationship when Lilith discovers things are not how she was taught they were. Magical creatures from all corners of the globe begin to converge on this one Ladrasean girl, her Poenic companions, and the unstable and frightening power she possesses.

Last update: 5 days ago
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Being Rinkelle
Something like a journal comic. Updates whenever.
Last update: 10th Mar 2015
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Magical Girl March
Following a 31 day magical girl drawing challenge, each day will have a new magical girl representing a theme from the challenge list.

You can find the challenge here!

Last update: Today
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The God and The Saint
Ireland. A place of magic and mystery, where the rolling green hills hide untold powers. But Ireland in in the midst of a change.

When a young slave boy is brought to the island, he and his master's daughter learn of their true places in the world; a god, and a saint. But are such roles worth the cost of their happiness, lives, and loves?

A speculative comic focusing on the life of St. Patrick. Due to the incomplete account of his life some things are being made-up, and this comic is in no way meant to be taken as an actual historical recollection, though it will strive to be as historically accurate as possible.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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test site go away
Layout testing site, go away
Last update: 24th Sep 2014
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30 Days of Characters
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April. Think you're up for the challenge? Join now!
Last update: 22nd Nov 2014
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