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Registration date: 4th Jan 2013
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About me
I have a lot of ideas and a lot of comics, so hopefully everyone will like at least one of them.

RoryRamenescu's comics
Revival is a romantic, action-filled drama with dark themes, hopeful protagonists, and a bloody past. This earth is slightly more advanced than our own, now featuring standard commercial technology such as androids.
Humans live in what is known by all the other races of the universe as Dimension-1, and are only barely aware of the existence of mages, a powerful race that resides in Dimension-2. Mindless creatures known as Relentless roam through the dimensions and are hunted by specially trained mages known as assassins. Relentless only run on the primal instinct to eat, specifically peoples’ souls, as they feed on negative energy derived from pain, anger, hatred – any negative emotion. The main plot of the story revolves around 17-year old Yuuki Matsuzawa, a seemingly normal human boy originally from France whose family roots come partially from the prestigious clan of mages, the Matsuzawas, who hail from Japan. His older brother, Christophe, was born a mage, inheriting the pyrokinetic abilities of the Matsuzawas.
At the start of the comic, he lives with his brother and is about to start his final year in high school. As of recently he has been attacked by Relentless and other creatures more and more often, to where it has become an almost a daily occurrence. After a sudden attack by a crazed aboscillix, another race from this universe reminiscent of a vampire and incubus, he is saved by Bleeding Heart, one of the strongest known assassins in Dimension-2 and a seemingly old friend of Christophe's. Against his brother’s wishes, Yuuki is forced into the world of assassins, Relentless, and everything non-human he’d only heard of in horror stories as one by one every being in the universe seems to be after him, but for what reason only Christophe and the leader of all of the assassins, Grimmrod, seem to know.

Last update: Yesterday
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Forged Men
A century after a global war went hot, the surviving populous of Earth has been divided into three different social classes: the Irrits, the impoverished and trampled lower class, the Plebs, the long-suffering middle class, and the Optims. The Optims were designed by pre-apocalypse scientists to be physically perfect, the next step for humanity to survive through a nuclear war. Their genetics are so different and advanced that they are almost another species entirely. In an effort to create an army for themselves, they began making Jotunns, which are soldiers made from brainwashed plebs and irrits, all bound into suits of powered armor. As the lower classes are plagued by raiders, malicious rebels, misguided Jotunns, a horrific mutating virus, and their Optim overlords, a child is born, a hybrid that proves there is a future for a united human race. This child is Mihai, the only possible hybrid between all three classes of humans who unfortunately has little use of his legs. He is protected by a liberated Jotunn named Wilhelm, the armor of whom hides a dark past that only Mihai knows fully. In their struggle to survive, they meet allies and enemies, such as a soldier asleep from before the war, an immensely powerful psychic mutant, and an envious Optim child bent on Mihai's destruction. It is a tale of people who are forged not only by their genetics but by their ordeals too.
Last update: 13th Jun 2014
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Arcane Fantasy
In the universe of Arcane Fantasy , there were 8 planets, the oldest one, Ter Visius, surrounded by the other 7. It was known as the purest of planets, and it was the birthplace the First Brother, the first archmage and the most powerful user of magic in the history of the 8 planets. After a battle between him and his younger, envious brother, known as the Second Brother, both were ultimately killed and were to be reincarnated to finish what was started. Thousands of years later, the Second Brother has arisen and as his first act of malevolence, he sucks Ter Visius into a black hole, terrifying the other 7 planets and raising the tensions between them. Their only hope is for the reincarnation of the First Brother to save them, but no one knows who they are or if they've even been born yet.
Last update: 16th Apr 2013
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