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Registration date: 8th Oct 2012
Last seen: 30th Sep 2014, 1:01 PM
Posts: 20
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Location: The insides of the mind.
About me
Just a man with a tablet and a bucket of creativity.
And Skittles.

Shosher's comics
Michael Treble, an everyday man who seems to answer any question thrown at him with ease. Explaining things is a jiffy for him.
Or so it would seem.
He will receive a rather... gross awakening from his "high and mighty" persona when a biological weapon-a prototype parasitic virus- is suddenly introduced into his system. And what do you know?!
This thing has been granted the power of sentience!
(Occasional Updates)

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Into Tartarus
<By order of the U.S. Research Facility, information regarding this documentary of Caretaker-013 is classified>

>U.S = Unknown Species.

Last update: 11th Mar 2014
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Nostalgia of Eden
The future. A colonized planet, Neo-Earth, is our new home. But all would not be well.

Our sins have manifested into a being of such pure avarice, pure evil, and of such great size. And it is now heading to the world where its many creators dwells, to consume all of the Universe...

Humans have the capacity to fight back, however. To resist.

Across the globe, select humans of extraordinary traits will rise and face this threat to our world. From the strangest to the strongest, from the silliest to the serious, everyone's struggles become One.

The battle for the fate of Creation itself begins!

"Sir, put down the microphone."
(Occasional Updates)

Last update: 11th Mar 2014
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