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Stever's Profile

Registration date: 5th Dec 2013
Last seen: 31st May 2016, 10:09 PM
Posts: 177
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Location: United States
About me
Hiya! I'm the cartoonist known as Stever. Part Loch Ness Monster and part Sasquatch. I've been spotted near the colder upper regions of the midwestern United States. There are known to be a few grainy black and white photos showing me in my natural habitat.

Stever's comics
Sam the Dragon
A dragon, a unicorn and a fairy get transported from Fantasy Land into our world. Now they just have to figure out how to survive the suburbs.
Last update: Yesterday
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Cork and Blotto
Two best friends working to succeed as record producers. Join our booze soaked road to hell!
Last update: Yesterday
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Immortal life isn't all the brochure promised. you can't retire, you never qualify for benefits and your only food source is getting fatter and lazier every year. it's enough to drive you BATTY.
Last update: 6th Jul 2015
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