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Registration date: 8th Nov 2016
Last seen: 20th Jan 2017, 9:59 PM
Posts: 97
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Location: Pie Land
About me
I am this random kid.

Some of my nicknames are Egg, which I hate, Sunny, Rhyssie (Pronounced Rhissy. Rhymes with Missy, because my name rhymes with miss), That-Awkward-Kid, and The Shadow Queen.

I'm on Patreon as SunnySideUpSmile. You can't find me in listings; some of the art I'll enter will have some NSFW.

I am on wordpress, wattpad, quotev, and deviantart as SunnySideUpSmile.

SunnySideUpSmile's comics
Those Days So Long Ago
This is a true story, only I used different characters. If it goes on long enough, it might catch up to my life!

The people in this are people in my life; the main girl character is me, the main boy character is my husband, and everyone else are people at college.

People that aren't explained will be explained. Be patient, young padawan. Also, guest pages may appear here and there; sometimes I just get really unmotivated.

(This comic is not expecting updates from me for maybe this week. I need to do some stuffs.)

Last update: 3 days ago
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Sense and Sensibility: Rabbits
It's the age-old Jane Austen favorite, Sense & rabbit form!

[On hiatus because I'm reading the book]

Last update: 11 days ago
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Starlight Mountain
No-one knows about them, because no-one can see them. The Starlighters are a type of magikers, as they call themselves. They can control the light and the dark. A long lost prophecy tells of 'the one who will be noticed by humans...she will unite them all.'

Aliana is a regular old starlighter. She loves everyone, but when she ventures into the world of humans, her world is turned upside down. Forever.

[Going to re-start this; it's getting harder for me to have time to go onto Tapastic.]

Last update: 8 days ago
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A Bunch of Quirks & Banters & Other
Oodles of quirks and banters and other random stuff. Occasionally something important.
Last update: 2 days ago
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