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Van Husk I

Registration date: 31st Jul 2014
Last seen: 21st Jan 2017, 9:10 PM
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Location: H-town, Texass
About me
Offensive and deceitful with the best intentions. That just about sums me up.


June Raffle [2015]Complete.
October Raffle [2015] Complete.
Summer Solstice [2016] Complete.

Contact me through PM here or my email at
Dead Letter Mail

Van Husk I's comics
Random Things For Random Beings
Random Things For Random Beings is a collection of short stories, gags, and illustrations. Made just for the hell of it. Just for you.
Last update: 6th Jan 2017
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Alys is an ambitious girl who aspires to join the Hildegards, an elite group of knights charged with the defense of the realm from various threats both foreign and domestic. The path to knighthood, however, may be a little more difficult than Alys could've ever imagined in this hostile world plagued by war, rogues, beasts and evils.
Last update: 24th Sep 2016
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Fandom Things From Random Beings
This "comic" is used as a host for fanart and art trades of Random Things For Random Beings. All contributing artists are given credit for their work. I just compile it.
Last update: 22nd Dec 2016
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My young, bright-eyed kohai.