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Registration date: 9th Mar 2013
Last seen: 24th Mar 2017, 2:17 AM
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Victory-Prime's comics
the gingerbread man chronicles
A story of a little hero with big dreams! The Gingerbread Man Chronicles follows the life and times of Gin Carlson, a living gingerbread man who dreams of being a superhero instead of a sideshow freak. Watch as Gin battles super villains and other strange beings in a small town of Silverridge, Kansas-with his best friend and (in gin's mind)sidekick, Paul Perez, survive high school, and avoid being eaten by the power-hungry villain, Lord Foxington! Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!
Last update: 2 days ago
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Victory is a superhero webcomic about a mystical, otherworldly sword that transformed into a living being, gifted with great power. now, he has become cheongia city’s first resident superhero.

Last update: 2 days ago
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wanna find new webcomics, but don't have the time to look for them? well, come over to gingerbread where you can download a pdf of the magazine, every month along with a weekly update preview.
Last update: 8th Dec 2016
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The Last Son
a superman fancomic
Last update: 3rd Dec 2016
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